You Can Now Search for and Install Plugins From Within Jetpack Manage

At the end of 2014, Jetpack 3.3 introduced a centralized dashboard that enables users to manage Jetpack powered sites. At the time, you could only do the following:

  • Plugin management: Turn plugins on or off with one click — per site or in bulk.
  • Initiate plugin updates: Update plugins for a single site or all sites in bulk.
  • Automatic updates: Turn on auto-updates for any plugin on a per-site basis or in bulk.

Now you can browse and install plugins from the WordPress plugin directory on sites you own that use Jetpack with the Manage module activated. Visit and choose the site you want to manage. Look for the Configure area on the sidebar and click the Add button to open the plugin browser.

When the plugin directory launched a redesign earlier this year, a common complaint from readers is that the ability to see new plugins added to the directory was removed. Unlike the plugin browser in WordPress, the browser on displays new plugins.

Both browsers display similar information in the detailed view with the exception that the browser doesn’t show a list of contributors. Enej Bajgorić, a member of the Jetpack development team, explains how to quickly install a plugin to a Jetpack site when browsing the WordPress plugin directory:

If you find yourself browsing the plugin repository and want to install the plugin on your Jetpack site, you can just replace the .org in the URL with .com and be taken to the new Plugin Browser where you can install the plugin with a single click. You will need to be logged into your account for this to work.

A plugin browser to search for and install plugins is another feature that makes Jetpack Manage a free, decent alternative to commercial services for managing multiple sites. If you manage multiple sites with Jetpack Manage, let us know what you think and what key features you’d like to see added.


7 responses to “You Can Now Search for and Install Plugins From Within Jetpack Manage”

  1. I stopped using Jetpack a few years ago because it seemed to be causing sites to load considerably slower. However, this feature makes me want to give it a shot again.

    Anyone have any insight on if Jetpack is more performant now-a-days?

    • Glad to hear you’re thinking about giving it a shot! Jetpack shouldn’t cause any significant increases in loading time. But if you do notice any issues, we’d be happy to look into it for you. You can get in touch with us here.

    • I also found that Jetpack would slow down sites however this new feature is definitely tempting me to try it out again.

  2. I personally use Jetpack plugin on my blog and it doesn’t impact on my site performance. the important think is that by using jetpack i have to use less amount of plugins as most of my needed plugins are within jetpack.

  3. Just out of curiosity, how does this compare to the likes of InfiniteWP, which would appear to offer more features, but without the necessity of using Jetpack?


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