WPCore Plugin Manager Adds Update Notifications, Plans to Implement Pro Subscription

WPCore launched less than a month ago and has already gone through several rounds of improvement. The app allows WordPress users to create plugin collections and install them in one click. Most recently, WPCore added favoriting and the ability to include custom plugins hosted outside of WordPress.org.

Today, WPCore creator Stuart Starr announced a new update notifications feature which allows users to receive email notices when one of their collections has a plugin with an update.


The feature is still in development so it currently sends a separate email for each collection where you have subscriptions enabled. Starr is working on creating a digest email instead. This is a handy feature if you have a site using a collection that includes a plugin you’re watching for updates. Perhaps you’re looking for a bug fix or a particular improvement that’s coming down the line. Turn on email notifications for a collection including the plugin you’re watching and you’ll get a notice in your inbox when it’s time to update.

WPCore Pro Subscription Plan Coming August 31

The WPCore site is now SSL secured in preparation for a new paid subscription plan that will be in place on August 31. Starr is electing to thank WPCore’s early adopters by grandfathering them into the pro account level, which includes all the features currently in place.

Anyone who registers before the end of August will be a WPCore Pro member for life. Once the pro subscription plan is in place, new free users will be on a basic plan, which doesn’t include custom plugins or the new update notifications feature. Starr told the Tavern that pricing for the pro account level will be in the range of a few cups of coffee per month.

WPCore Plugin Manager Plugin Rewritten

The plugin that accompanies WPCore has been completely rewritten to perform better and minimize communication with the app. Starr rebuilt the way the plugin pulls in collections to WordPress sites, so the older version of the plugin will no longer return plugins. If you want to be able to add new collections, you’ll need to update to the latest version.

Starr has been adding improvements based on user feedback and welcomes feature requests and thoughts on the new subscription model. Follow @wpcoreapp on Twitter to send any feedback and stay up to date.


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