1. Emil Uzelac
  2. Justin Tadlock

    Based on the demo, I didn’t really see anything different from the WordPress theme unit test data. Am I missing something?


  3. Michael Novotny

    Emil & Justin : :

    When I created WP Test 8 months ago at WordCamp Atlanta 2013, there was nothing quiet like it. And there were (and still are) several reasons why it was needed.

    The official WordPress theme unit test data had gone over a year without any updates and there were several key tests missing, especially with the responsive web revolution. Equipped with what I had learned from 3.5 years of being QA for 8BIT in building Standard, I created WP Test with all the things that tripped us up along the way.

    Chip Bennett and others have since incorporated a majority of WP Test’s data into the official WordPress theme unit test data. Which is awesome! I am glad to help strengthen WordPress themes and plugins either through WP Test and / or the unit test data. WordPress as a whole is better for it.

    But WP Test still covers some things that the official WordPress theme unit test data chose not to incorporate, such as true non-breaking text tests in all areas it can be used, for just one example.

    While WP Test has been dormant for longer than I would have hoped, Tom McFarlin and I are in active dreaming and planning of the next iteration of WP Test, which will include even more ease of use, uncovered tests, and far greater transparency and ease of contribution to the test data.

    Thanks for the great question! Hopefully this provides some clarification.


  4. Emil Uzelac

    In other words our data was based on WP Test, not other way around :) I am aware of 8BIT contributions, but I did not register fast enough that you are one of the guys!

    Feel free to ping me or Chip and we’ll gladly incorporate next version into TUTD :)


  5. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    This is cool, I wish the test data would change in the future because when we go to official WordPress themes repository, find a theme with a nice screenshot, then hit preview, all we see is the almost same preview. It’s only show us different color schemes and typography.

    That is not cool, right?

    I think the test data being used right now is preventing user for seeing the potential use of a theme.

    I just come to think that;
    1). there should be some versions of test data to incorporate themes potential, like blogging test data, magazine test data, or portofolio test data. Developer can choose one version to be used when user wants to preview the theme.
    2). or the option for developer to pick ‘the right data’ for their theme’s preview. That mean the test data will be used partially on certain themes.

    Just my thought though :)


  6. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    Ah, I forget to tick the subscription option below this comment form, I have to make one more comment to do that. (there is a plugin to do that, eh?)

    Really want to know how you all, the WordPress top developers answer about my idea.


  7. Chip Bennett

    @Tiyo Kamtiyono

    These are actually two different things: Theme Unit Test Data, and Theme Preview Data.

    Personally, I would like to see the previewer use the Theme Unit Test Data, but I understand the reason why it’s not: the Theme Preview Data are intended to showcase the Themes and make them look beautiful; the Theme Unit Test Data are intended to challenge/break Themes for testing.

    But agreed on the point that the Theme Preview Data could use improvement as well.


  8. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    @Chip Bennett -Oh, so the data being used for that purpose is not the same? Thanks for the answer Chip, hope that improvement to the theme preview data could be realized.


  9. Emil Uzelac

    This http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Unit_Test is official data, WP Test is good will (contribution) but not official :)


  10. L’Hebdo WordPress n°206 : Communautés – Interview – WordPress 3.8 | WordPress Francophone

    […] WP-Test est un site qui permet de tester vos extensions et vos thèmes (en) avant leur diffusion. […]


  11. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    @Emil Uzelac
    Sorry if my comment is sounds like ‘a baby wanting a candy’ and too noisy. I know (at least can imagine) how hard and careful each improvement on the theme development you do every day.

    I just trying to deliver my idea about the theme test data, and honestly aware that I just a BIG fans of WordPress and never contributing anything on the development. I understand that my idea is far away from realization.

    Sorry Emil.


  12. Emil Uzelac

    It’s all good :)


  13. Michael Novotny

    @Emil Uzelac : :

    We’ll let you know what we come up with over the rest of the year and into 2014!

    Happy to do whatever we can to help make WordPress themes and plugins as best as they can be! :)


  14. Emil Uzelac

    @Michael Novotny – Thank you kind sir!


  15. Philip King

    Glad I found your site. I was just about to try and write my own theme testing solution, not for development purposes but purely to review themes. The theme unit test data is great for this and has saved me sooo much time. Thanks for the article and thanks to the WordPress guys and gals for the test data.


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