WordPress Theme Review VVV: A Quick Vagrant Setup for Testing Themes

Varying Vagrant Vagrants is likely the most popular Vagrant configuration for setting up a WordPress development environment. VVV makes it easy to create new WordPress installations for developing themes and plugins as well as contributing to core.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of testing and reviewing WordPress themes is setting up a test site with all the necessary development tools. WordPress Theme Review VVV is a vagrant setup created by Aubrey Portwood. It completely automates the process of setting up your development site and tools for theme review.

How to Set Up WordPress Theme Review VVV

This tutorial makes use of an existing VVV setup. If you haven’t yet installed it, check out the VVV project page on github and follow those instructions to get up and running.

Step 1: Switch to your VVV installation’s www directory.

cd www

Step 2: Clone the WordPress Theme Review VVV project to a wordpress-themereview folder.

git clone git://github.com/aubreypwd/wordpress-themereview-vvv.git wordpress-themereview

Step 3: Re-provision your VVV.

vagrant provision

Step 4: Visit your new theme review development site.


Login Credentials:
user: admin
password: password

Here’s what the WordPress Theme Review VVV script does:

  • Creates a /vagrant-local/www/wordpress-themereview/htdocs folder with a fresh WordPress install
  • Creates a data base wordpress_themereview database.
  • Installs and activates the Developer and Theme-Check plugins
  • Imports the Theme Unit Test data


You are now ready to start testing WordPress themes. When you want to start over, simply delete the htdocs folder in the wordpress-themereview directory.

The ability to create test environments in a flash makes theme testing less of a chore. Using this VVV setup takes a fraction of the amount of time it would normally require to get a theme development environment set up with all the plugins and test data required. If you’re a WordPress theme developer or part of the Theme Review Team, give the WordPress Theme Review VVV setup a try to see if it can make your workflow more efficient.


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