1. Chetan Prajapati

    This is really helpful. Thank you :)


  2. Anh Tran

    This tool is awesome! We’ve used it in our latest theme and it helped a lot!


  3. Andreas Lopez

    “In the most recent team meeting, they decided to recommend WP Theme Auditor as a WordPress testing tool and plan to post more details about it on the make.wordpress.org/accessibility blog.”

    That link is wrong, it refers to https://wptavern.com/make.wordpress.org/accessibility/ instead of make.wordpress.org/accessibility/

    Other than that – awesome stuff, glad to hear more tools are coming out mainstreaming the WordPress process!


  4. Mic Sumner ✪

    Amazing!!! Can’t believe it!
    If one would be looking for ways to hone their skills in making good and proper WordPress themes… then this is definitely one plugin to check for good coding standards. I mean, why wouldn’t you like it?

    It organises your code, and makes your future developer life easier… plus you’ll also get a pretty high chance of becoming an even greater developer who writes tidy code!
    Tidy code is key!

    Kind regards,


  5. Mukesh Panchal

    Great tool for theme developers.


  6. Ant Ekşiler

    If I am not mistaken, ThemeForest review also uses the Theme Sniffer to check the uploaded themes.


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