1. Tomas M.

    As I understand, this service is free only for beta period, it looks that later it might become a paid service.

    Currently I’m also using WAWE tool, that has a helpful graphic overlay: http://wave.webaim.org


  2. joedolson

    Tenon.io does intend to continue to have a free account level; it may have limited options (such as a limit on the number of queries per month, for example), but there will be a free version.

    Additionally, Karl has said he’s committed to providing free API access for open source projects – so if you’re testing WordPress itself or using Tenon to test an open source project you’re developing, the API access will be free.

    The WAVE tool is also a very nice tool; it’s just harder to collate the results, and will bring up a lot more false positives.

    The strength of Tenon is in the ability to identify all the completely machine-testable issues on a site, so you can eliminate that noise from manual testing, like that done with the WAVE tool.

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah!


  3. karlgroves

    Sarah & Joe: Thank you both so much for this – Joe for the contribution and Sarah for the thorough write-up!

    Joe’s comment is spot-on. There will always be a free plan. Like all freemium models, the free plan will have limited features and access, of course.

    Joe’s also correct in saying we have a Free-for-open-source program. So long as the project you’re testing is open source, you can have a full featured license to Tenon.

    Finally, we’re very interested in working with people who create stuff with Tenon or integrate Tenon into other stuff and can come up with special plans for them.


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