1. Jean-Paul Horn (@JeanPaulH)

    Awesome plugin which we’ve been using for a while now. Ryan Heller helped us for our website iCulture.nl to add (missing) custom post types support to WP Slack.
    Ryan kindly made this available via a pull request on Github, but the developer hasn’t made this publicly available via the plugin on the WordPres.org repository yet. But for whomever needs it, please find the pull request here: https://github.com/gedex/wp-slack/pull/24


  2. Russell Heimlich

    Did something similiar adding a notification whenever a new tag was added so our team knows about taxonomy changes. Slack has a great notifications API.


  3. Chuck Reynolds

    There a reason it’s not on WP repo anymore?


    • Jeff Chandler

      What are you referring to? If it’s the Slack plugin, it looks like it’s still on the directory.


    • Akeda Bagus

      Otto delisted the plugin temporarily because I forgot to ignore unnecessary files (bin directory that contains development-related files, mostly shell scripts). This might be web-accessible and potentially dangerous. I’ve removed that in 0.5.1 and the plugin is whitelisted now.


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