1. Julio Potier

    Hey Sarah, thanks for this review.
    This plugin saved me hours of alt-tabing between twitter DMs, mails, skypes to manually invite people … I hope it’ll save your time too!
    And please, call me “Julio” ;) hehe


  2. Torsten

    For the German community Slack we just have whitelisted (see https://slack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206480067-Making-Slack-work-for-your-team) the @chat.wordpress.org-mail address (see https://make.wordpress.org/chat/), so there is no need of auto-inviting. Wouldn’t this be much easier?


    • Sarah Gooding

      That is assuming everyone in your group has wordpress.org mail addresses. This plugin has many broad applications for use in groups outside of the WordPress project.


    • Julio Potier

      Hey Torstenn
      i agree but like Sarah said, it assumes that you have an account on w.org and everyone don’t have/want one ;)


      • Torsten

        Of course this plugin is great because it has a lot more use cases. I just want to add a different solution for local WordPress communities. As there are no non-english channels possible on “Making WordPress” Slack this was our solution to avoid inviting every single person. Of course this just works if you have a shared domain for your mails. As a company you can whitelist your company domain to whitelist every mail with this domain. So maybe this is a solution for some other use cases too.


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