1. Christopher Bunting

    Since most WordPress websites are truly not protected for security, we’ve used slack for some time to enable ban notifications from Fail2Ban instead of having to receive a 1000 emails per day. Guess it was only a matter of time before everyone else caught on.. haha


  2. Anh Tran

    Great news! I’ve been using Zapier to connect bbPress -> email -> Slack. It looks more elegant using this plugin. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nick Haskins

    I was so stoked about this! Easy setup. However there’s no indication that the webhook was saved. Additionally, it’s not working for us at all at the moment. Had a few support queries come up but nothing came through Slack.


  4. Tomas M.

    Will it have any impact on the faith of geto2.com ?


  5. eherman24

    This is a great idea.

    Now I’m wondering how hard it would be to link the WordPress.org support forums to send Slack notifications….That would be ideal to keep all support in a single unified location.


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