WP Pro Business Giving Away $9,000 Worth Of WP Stuff

This is one of the largest WordPress giveaways I’ve seen in a long time with a total value of around $9,000.00. Adam Warner formerly of WPModder.com is now concentrating his efforts on WP Pro Business which is a website aimed at providing the tools and knowledge to help propel businesses and individuals to success using WordPress. Adam explains the giveaway in a little more detail via the following video.

Adam is a good guy and did a great job with WPModder.com but if you’re wondering how he’ll use the data obtained from the giveaway, the following text can be read on the bottom of the giveaway page:

Information is collected through the supplied Rafflecopter.com widgets and (an optional) email subscription form. Entry emails are collected in accordance with Rafflecopter.com and AWeber.com terms and conditions. By entering this giveaway you agree to receive email communications from giveaway sponsors including prize notifications and new product updates.

You’ll have to decide before you enter on whether you want to go through the hassle and delete your email address from each sponsors list if you don’t win. Hopefully, it’s as simple as deleting one email address from WP Pro Business and that will cover the gamut for all future communications. Then again, you might not mind receiving an email here and there from the people sponsoring this giveaway.

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