Automattic Pushes the Advanced WordPress Facebook Group Giveaway to More Than $70K in Prizes

Last week, we mentioned that the Advanced WordPress Facebook Group is giving away more than $40K worth of WordPress related prizes away to celebrate crossing the 20,000th member milestone. This past weekend, the prize value jumped to more than $70K after Automattic contributed 100 one-year long Jetpack Pro licenses to the prize pool.

Jetpack Professional costs $299 per year and includes real-time security monitoring through VaultPress, priority support, polls, ratings, and, surveys, one-click threat resolution. According to Ahmad Awais, who is overseeing the giveaway, prizes are still being added and could total more than $100K by the time it’s complete.

In order to qualify to win one of the prizes, you’ll need to comment on the following blog post so the group obtains your email ID. It will be used as the primary means of contact in case you win. Winners will be chosen randomly when the giveaway ends July 8th.


3 responses to “Automattic Pushes the Advanced WordPress Facebook Group Giveaway to More Than $70K in Prizes”

  1. Hey, Jeff!
    Once again, thank you for covering the giveaway!

    Kindly, remove the direct link to RaffleCopter’s widget, since it is a bit misleading. To keep track of the entries and to avoid spam-enteries from the widget (which is pretty common with RaffleCopter) I need people to comment on the Giveaway Blog Post at WPCouple. You can swap it with this URL instead of the direct link to the widget.

    Also thank you Automattic for participating h/t Sam Hotchkiss, Richard A. Muscat, Jesse Friedman.



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