1. Matt Cromwell

    Thanks for sharing the news Jeff! It’s a huge milestone for us, but it’s only as good as the quality of the group is. Fortunately, with 30+ Admins and members who keep contributing quality questions and resources and conversations it continues to bring value to thousands of WordPressers every day.



  2. Corey

    My WordPress life changed when I found this group. The connections and info I’ve gained from it have been invaluable. It’s like being at a WordCamp every day. :-) Thanks to the admins for all their hard work!


  3. Ahmad Awais

    Hey, Jeff!
    Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

    As Matt C. said, it’s a huge milestone for us. AWP is my go to place for hanging out with the WordPress community :)


  4. Nick

    I’ve got to say AWP is one of the most invaluable WordPress groups I’m apart of. The help and advice is always super rock solid and I must learn at least two new things a day :D Keep up the amazing work!


  5. Vitor Madeira

    How can I join the group?
    I’ve tried to join more time once but my request is always denied and no one sends a single message stating the reason why… :/

    Thank you.


    • Ahmad Awais

      If you have never been blocked then it is probably because you are a member of too many Facebook groups. Coz, that’s mostly a sign of irrelevant people.

      Anywho, you can join it again and let me know.


      • Vitor Madeira

        Thank you so very much for answering Ahmad.

        Ok, it might be the amount of groups I’m in (I suppose more than some 50 or 60!) but I don’t use it for spam.
        (All these years, never had my Facebook account limited or blocked in any way)

        I will log in to Facebook a bit later and will try to find you there prior to ask for joining the group so you can expect my request.

        Once again, thank you.


  6. Ahmad Awais

    ? ? AWP giveaway is now worth more than $80,000!
    Jetpack pro just contributed $30K worth of ? @jetpack pro licenses h/t @automattic


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