Advanced WordPress Facebook Group is Giving $40K Worth of Prizes Away

In 2011, Michael Bastos created the Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook to provide a place for people to gather and discuss advanced WordPress topics. After being featured on the Tavern in the Summer of 2014, membership skyrocketed from 7,400 members to over 10,000. Nearly two years later, the group has surpassed 20,000 members.

Advanced WordPress Surpasses 20K Members
Advanced WordPress Surpasses 20K Members

To celebrate the milestone, the group is hosting a giveaway that includes more than $40K in prizes, a number of which are licenses to commercial WordPress products. Prizes include:

  • Licenses to Yoast SEO Premium
  • Elegant Themes Lifetime Accounts
  • WP Rocket Personal Licenses
  • One Free Year of GoDaddy Hosting
  • One Free Year of MediaTemple Hosting

There’s also a handful of WordPress books up for grabs as well. In order to qualify to win one of the prizes, you need to be a member of the group. You also need to register through this Rafflecopter widget so the group obtains your email ID. It will be used as the primary means of contact in case you win. Winners will be chosen randomly when the giveaway ends July 8th.


10 responses to “Advanced WordPress Facebook Group is Giving $40K Worth of Prizes Away”

  1. Thanks for sharing the news Jeff! It’s a huge milestone for us, but it’s only as good as the quality of the group is. Fortunately, with 30+ Admins and members who keep contributing quality questions and resources and conversations it continues to bring value to thousands of WordPressers every day.


  2. My WordPress life changed when I found this group. The connections and info I’ve gained from it have been invaluable. It’s like being at a WordCamp every day. :-) Thanks to the admins for all their hard work!

  3. Hey, Jeff!
    Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

    As Matt C. said, it’s a huge milestone for us. AWP is my go to place for hanging out with the WordPress community :)

  4. I’ve got to say AWP is one of the most invaluable WordPress groups I’m apart of. The help and advice is always super rock solid and I must learn at least two new things a day :D Keep up the amazing work!

  5. How can I join the group?
    I’ve tried to join more time once but my request is always denied and no one sends a single message stating the reason why… :/

    Thank you.

    • If you have never been blocked then it is probably because you are a member of too many Facebook groups. Coz, that’s mostly a sign of irrelevant people.

      Anywho, you can join it again and let me know.

      • Thank you so very much for answering Ahmad.

        Ok, it might be the amount of groups I’m in (I suppose more than some 50 or 60!) but I don’t use it for spam.
        (All these years, never had my Facebook account limited or blocked in any way)

        I will log in to Facebook a bit later and will try to find you there prior to ask for joining the group so you can expect my request.

        Once again, thank you.

  6. ? ? AWP giveaway is now worth more than $80,000!
    Jetpack pro just contributed $30K worth of ? @jetpack pro licenses h/t @automattic


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