1. Chris Black

    When I managed a site that did giveaways once a week I tried out all of these and ended up just using Rafflecopter. All of these plugins either lacked features we needed or had way too many features that made it a pain to quickly use. Rafflecopter spits out HTML you can add to a sidebar or post and boom, you’re done.


    • Chris

      I was just going to recommend Rafflecopter too. It’s not a plugin, but it’s a really awesome service for managing a giveaway. I just wish the widget was responsive.


    • Syed Balkhi

      Ditto. RaffleCopter is far better than most solutions out there. It’s good for running small giveaways. We had some issues because of the size of the giveaway, but I think for 95% of the audience RaffleCopter is the go-to solution.


  2. Donah @ SweetJellyBean

    Currently using Rafflecopter for all my giveaways, didn’t really think that there were plugins available too. Will be checking out this list and see if there’s anything that fits my needs :) Thanks for sharing! xx



  3. nick anderson

    Ive heard good things about rafflecopter, Smaller giveaways are the best for using this plugin.


  4. jfmetcalf1

    Thanks for the info! I have been looking for some give away plugins and always ran short and could not find something I thought was 1) feasible 2) can be tailored to match my site. I looked at Rafflecopter but like most you pay to customize. I think I can work with a few of these!


  5. Tisha

    Good plugin. I often give away every month for my blog reader,sometimes i don’t know how to do it simpler. Now i know.


  6. Jeff Chandler

    Looks like a review of Rafflecopter is in order. I like that Meetup.com giveaway plugin. I think I’ll give that a shot at one our future meetups to give some stuff away.


  7. King Of Christmas

    We have used Rafflecopter as well it works good just wish they would drop the price to $25 a month


  8. Sagar Desai

    Yes! RaffleCopter is having many features over listed plugins. I will definitely recomment it.


  9. Terje

    The Golden Ticket plugin looks very interesting! Might have to use it for a small giveaway later, it’s certainly something different and exciting.


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