WordSesh 4 Scheduled for August 19-20

WordSesh 4 will take place August 19-20. Organized by Scott Basgaard, WordSesh is like a virtual WordCamp except there is one session per hour for 24 hours.

WordSesh 4 falls between WordCamp US and WordCamp Europe 2017. I asked Basgaard what viewers can expect from this year’s event. “Still lots to plan, I would expect what’s working to continue and maybe some new things that I think up but nothing crazy given the short time frame,” Basgaard told the Tavern.

Along with the announcement, the event’s logo and fan art was also published but was later removed after organizers were informed by WordCamp Central that it was against the copyright guidelines. Basgaard is in the process of rebranding the event.

WordSesh 3, which took place near the end of 2014, attracted more than 3,000 unique viewers from 89 countries. To see what WordSesh is all about, I highly encourage you to visit the event’s YouTube channel which has all of the sessions from WordSesh 3. What topics would you like to see covered at WordSesh 4?



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