1. Dave Bell

    I was one! I loved it. One track is best for sure. See you next year :)


  2. Vance Bell

    Good times — though I had to take six hour nap in the middle. Nice work everyone.


  3. Peter Cralen

    I was there and check everything from Bratislava, Slovakia :)


  4. Jeff Chandler

    I had the pleasure of not only checking out a few of the sessions live, but participating in the WP News Roundtable. I had a great time and already looking forward to WordSesh 4. There’s just something about participating in an event that most of the world has access too.

    By the way, what’s up with WordSesh and Sofia? It’s like the two go hand in hand.


  5. Justin Ferriman

    My first one and really enjoyed it – will certainly be attending next year.


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