WordSesh 3 Attracts 3,000 Unique Viewers From 89 Countries

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WordSesh 3 took the WordPress world by storm over the weekend. With more than 3,000 unique viewers, the event attracted roughly three times the number of people who attended WordCamp Europe 2014. This makes WordSesh one of the largest WordPress events of the year.

WordSesh is essentially an online WordCamp where viewers don’t have to obtain a visa or make travel arrangements. This accounts for the large number of participants, along with the 45 high quality speakers and panelists. Those who tuned in for the full 24 hours used the #pressomnia hashtag to share thoughts and and updates throughout the event.

According to organizer Scott Basgaard, live session stats were not easy to track with both the WordSesh.org and direct Crowdcast links in circulation. Nevertheless, he was able to gather some solid information about WordSesh viewership. The stats that came out of the event reflect a diverse audience in terms of geographic location:

  • 19 new countries tuned into WordSesh compared to last year.
  • Between 90-200 people were watching every session over 24 hours.
  • In the span of 24 hours there were nearly 3,000 unique viewers on WordSesh.org
  • People across 89 different countries tuned in to watch WordSesh 3.
  • Top 10 countries that tuned in: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, India and Norway.
  • Top 10 cities by viewers: Sofia, Melbourne, London, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sydney, Brisbane and San Francisco.

Sofia once again came out on top for the city with the most viewers, followed by half a dozen cities with much larger populations. The overall stats are very similar to WordSesh 2, last year’s event, which pulled in 3,000 unique viewers from 85 countries.

The most lively sessions were the six round tables that gathered top experts around specific topics, such as WordPress community, conferences, and news. Basgaard was able to ramp up the interaction during the panels using Crowdcast.io:

The round table format is by far my favorite and the moderators / panelists this year did an outstanding job. Crowdcast.io proved to be an incredible tool for our event and it’s ability to have user submitted questions, up voting and polling was very helpful to tie in interaction with our round tables and speakers. Topics included themes, plugins, the WordPress community, WordPress conferences, business and WordPress news.

If you were not able to tune into WordSesh 3 live, you haven’t been left out. Every single session was recorded and is available on YouTube in a playlist for you to watch at your leisure.


5 responses to “WordSesh 3 Attracts 3,000 Unique Viewers From 89 Countries”

  1. I had the pleasure of not only checking out a few of the sessions live, but participating in the WP News Roundtable. I had a great time and already looking forward to WordSesh 4. There’s just something about participating in an event that most of the world has access too.

    By the way, what’s up with WordSesh and Sofia? It’s like the two go hand in hand.


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