WordSesh 3 is Set for December 20th, 2014

WordSesh 3 Featured Image

The third annual WordSesh will take place on December 20th, 2014 at UTC+0. Organized by Scott Basgaard, WordSesh is like a virtual WordCamp except there is one session per hour for 24 hours.

Unlike WordSesh 2, this year’s event will have one track instead of two. As in previous years, it will be free to attend. The decision to only have one track is based on feedback from WordSesh 2 attendees. “While WS2 was “bigger and better” it felt a bit unorganized and I’d like to capture having everyone in one place again,” Basgaard told the Tavern.

Basgaard is inviting specific individuals to speak at the event. The remaining slots will open to the public where speakers will be hand-picked. Sessions will be split into five categories with 3-4 sessions per category followed by a round table discussion. DradCast will once again kick off the event in what has become part of the tradition. Basgaard sent the Tavern a tentative look at the schedule that includes the following categories: Business, Users, Themes, Plugins, and Community.

WordSesh is a Popular Event

Over 3,000 unique viewers from 85 different countries watched WordSesh 2. Attendance for the event far exceeded that of most WordCamps. WordSesh 2 organizers shared some of their viewership stats on Twitter and the results demonstrate that the event was a hit all over the world:

  • The city of Sofia, Bulgaria, had the most viewers of any city in the world, followed by London and New york.
  • 36 unique viewers from Africa
  • 98 unique viewers from Oceania
  • 120 unique viewers from Asia
  • 843 unique viewers from Europe
  • 1,404 unique viewers from North / South America
  • 3,000 unique viewers over 85 countries

WordSesh 2 experienced a few technical issues last year, but simplifying the event should help it run more smoothly. If you plan on attending WordSesh 3 or want to receive announcements, consider filling out the sign-up form. If you can’t wait til December 20th, you can pass the time by watching all of the recorded sessions from WordSesh 2.

Let us know in the comments if you’re going to be one of the few who watch every session during the 24 hour extravaganza.


8 responses to “WordSesh 3 is Set for December 20th, 2014”

  1. Thanks for the post Jeff! Wanna give a shout out to Brad Williams, Dre Armeda, Chris Cochran and Maria Scarpello for all their hard work and help as well.

    Looking forward to another awesome community event :)

  2. I would love to watch the sessions, but we will be attending a wedding that day. And, if it weren’t for the wedding, we’d probably be traveling to visit my parents for Christmas that day (instead of a day or two later), so no watching every session for me. I’ll have to watch the recordings!

  3. 1404 viewers from the Americas? I’d love to see that number split by North/Central/South America to better understand the impact of the event in a less generalized view. Also, viewers by countries would rock too to see where are the most of fans :) Are those stats publicly availbale?


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