1. Scott

    Thanks for the post Jeff! Wanna give a shout out to Brad Williams, Dre Armeda, Chris Cochran and Maria Scarpello for all their hard work and help as well.

    Looking forward to another awesome community event :)


  2. Samedi Amba

    Will be there. How do we signup for the event, and confirm attendance? I want to share with my friends in Kenya, how do I do that via social media?


  3. Rhys

    Looking forward to this! Dipped in and out last year and it’s a great way to unite the community. Wonder if there will be a call for speakers (sure it’ll be announced in due course) :)


    • Rhys

      Doh, helps if I read the post.

      “Basgaard is inviting specific individuals to speak at the event. The remaining slots will open to the public where speakers will be hand-picked.”

      Ignore me :D


  4. Suzette Franck

    Looking fw to this. :)


  5. Nile Flores

    I had fun last year speaking. It was quite different to do it via hangout. I did have some technical difficulties too… lol


  6. Cara R.

    I would love to watch the sessions, but we will be attending a wedding that day. And, if it weren’t for the wedding, we’d probably be traveling to visit my parents for Christmas that day (instead of a day or two later), so no watching every session for me. I’ll have to watch the recordings!


  7. Marcelo

    1404 viewers from the Americas? I’d love to see that number split by North/Central/South America to better understand the impact of the event in a less generalized view. Also, viewers by countries would rock too to see where are the most of fans :) Are those stats publicly availbale?


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