1. Li-An

    Very good idea – I’m french. It’s sometimes very frustrating to translate a theme.


  2. antsanchez

    I also think it’s a good idea. Since it’s very easy to create a translatable theme, I don’t understand why developers wouldn’t do.


  3. JohnnyPea



  4. steven muncy

    Great idea. Now perhaps they can do the same for Accessibility ready.


    • Exequiel

      Yeah I agree, I think that perhaps accessibility ready is harder than translation ready but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a serious concern.

      Regarding the topic, I’m from Argentina and I’ve struggled translating some themes and I’ve seen many of them with poorly written english (even I can notice that) so this announcement is necessary.


    • mor10

      There is serious work being done on making the accessibility-ready tag a standard feature of WordPress themes in the repo. See https://make.wordpress.org/accessibility/2014/12/04/theme-accessibility-meeting-notes/


    • Justin

      I’m a big fan of making themes accessible. I believe it’s a huge part of the future of Web design and would love to see most themes on the repo handle their end of it. This has been an area of great focus for me over the past few months.

      However, as an admin of TRT, full compliance with our current accessibility guidelines is something I’d fight to **not** make a requirement.

      Unfortunately, making a theme accessible can sometimes mean not respecting a designer’s artistic vision. This is particularly an issue with color contrasts. Anything that would hinder design decisions like this is not something I would support. That’s beyond the scope of what TRT’s role is.

      With all that said, we’re a long ways from this being a realistic discussion. We’re still dealing with basic issues. Not to mention, the majority of our reviewers wouldn’t be able to review such themes. Requiring accessibility-ready themes would be such a huge barrier to entry for new theme authors that it’d be detrimental to the system.


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