1. Alec Kinnear

    This is a fantastic step forward, Sarah. Hurray for better multilingual support. If we could just persuade Matt about the importance of better multilingual support within core (so a site can be in multiple languages), those of us in Europe would be really, really happy.


  2. WPML (@wpml)

    This is excellent news for WordPress. I hope that the WordPress meta team will consider opening this to all themes, including those not coming from wordpress.org. This will help connect more authors to the official themes team and help end-users run non-English sites.


  3. Knut Sparhell

    This is a huge step for globalisation (localisation, internationalisation) of WordPress themes and plugins. This has been in the planning for at least four years.

    But why confuse this with mulitlingual? I regard multilingual to deal with content, not the software being localised. Am I wrong?


  4. Miroslav Glavić

    I wonder how this will work with multi-lingual countries. Canada for example has two official languages (english/french).

    Other countries as well.


  5. WebberZone

    What I would love to see is this being rolled out to the plugin world as well eventually.


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