1. ubernaut

    Good stuff thanks for posting! :)


  2. Brin Wilson

    What’s a “Rosetta site”?


  3. mor10

    Anything on Accessibility?


  4. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    I am not fan of watching videos, anyway these 66 minutes worth it. Quality and positive opinions from Matt.


  5. Caspar Hübinger

    I think it would be amazing to open up WordPress to have a first priority experience of the thousands of plugins and themes that are available for people who do not speak a word of English.

    My question for Matt (starting at 05:20) actually was supposed to point in the direction of what needs to happen to make that language experience happen. :)

    Some Rosetta sites already have the translatable themes and plugins directories Matt refers to mentioning ro.wordpress.org. However, somebody will have to translate a ton of content here.

    Those somebodies will want to be able to discuss whatever issue comes up in their very own language, and not necessarily in one of the global teams on make.wordpress.org. Actual discussions might happen in their own local Slack channel if they created one, but meeting notes still need to go somewhere in order to be archived and accessible for a broader audience.

    Hence the “pressing” towards make-dot-org-like P2s for Rosetta sites. It’s all about the people who will have to (and want to) make a multi-language experience on wordpress.org happen. Those people simply need appropriate means of communication. In full acknowledgement all this is being worked on, my question was whether and how that working process could be prioritized.

    (Btw, in my question I mentioned wordpress.org looked a little “old”. It doesn’t anymore in many parts already! There’s a silent redesign taking place the results of which can be seen e.g. on translate.wordpress.org as well as Rosetta sites like de.wordpress.org.)


    • Otto

      Yes, many changes happen that aren’t well publicized, mostly because the people using them or making them already know about them. Perhaps we need to encourage some of those people to talk a bit more. :-)

      Localized make sites is a new one to me, but an interesting idea. Rosetta really isn’t set up for that quite yet, but I’ll keep it in mind, for whenever we decide to change the p2 system a bit.


      • Jeff Chandler

        I know that people are busy and cranking away on WordPress core or contributing to the project in other ways, but it would be cool to see more individuals close to the project write more on their site which is inside of the WordPress Planet feed. At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those people don’t want to deal with drama, are afraid to post something, or simply don’t want to be bothered to do so.

        I enjoyed reading those posts a few years ago when Mark Jaquith and others would occasionally write about WordPress with intimate knowledge of the project and what’s going on. I suppose in a way, the various Make blogs have taken the place of individual developer blogs.


      • Caspar Hübinger

        There has been a start for P2s on Rosetta right here: http://de.wordpress.org/team/. It’s been dormant for a while, but I’m confident the meta team will come back to it given time. :)


        • Samuel "Otto" Wood

          Yeah, that’s probably not exactly the best approach to do it. I mean, it sorta works, but there must be some other way. What he’s done there is to just set up a p2 site on the make system and switch the naming around. Not sure of the scalability of that approach. But it’s an idea.


  6. Otto

    I would just put some of the make blogs in the planet feed, but those tend to be dev heavy? Maybe a specific tag? Dunno.


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