Watch The Q&A Session Between Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik From WordCamp Europe

Some of the sessions recorded at WordCamp Europe are now available to watch on WordPress.TV. The rest of the sessions will be added in the coming weeks. Included in the first batch of videos is the question and answer session between Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik.

The session is an hour long and includes Mullenweg’s thoughts on the current status of WordPress, the media library, and what the platform may evolve into. One of the questions asked during the session is the role of women in the WordPress ecosystem.

At the 47 minute mark, you can hear the infamous “we love women” comment from a member of the audience. Mullenweg responds with “come onnnnn” with applause from the audience. Helen Hou-Sandí, who lead the release of WordPress 4.0, explains why saying “we love women” can cause unintentional destruction.

Near the 53:40 minute mark, Mullenweg is asked, “How much should WordPress businesses be contributing to WordPress and involved with the project?” This is the question that prompted the 5% figure and his post, Five for the Future.

This is a great session filled with information related to WordPress, Automattic, open source in general, and the future of the platform. If you attended the session live or watched the video, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. One way to make better would be to write a summary (a bit like this post) for each video. There’s so many great videos on there but each one is usually in the region of an hour or so – a summary for each vid’ would go a long way to help me work out which ones to watch! Come to think of it, some kind of video rating system would also be ace!


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