1. Ronald Huereca

    Thank you for this article. As a plugin author of roughly 24 plugins, the new language packs are really confusing.

    This post helped me, with confidence, add one of my plugins which was approved.

    Much kudos here. Thanks Matthew.


  2. Anh Tran

    Just want to add small things:

    1) The language packs are available for download only when it’s translated 100%. In case it’s not fully translated, plugin authors might want to provide translation via local files.

    2) The language packs are automatically updated when we update anything in WordPress. Or we can update manually by going to Dashboard | Updates | Update translation.


  3. Samuel "Otto" Wood

    If you’re still confused and need guidance, and maybe some code advice, email me. Happy to take a look. Otto at wordpress org.


  4. Tomas M.

    I have a question regarding theme translation, but I guess the system is the same.

    It looks that Glotpress doesn’t include translation if it is commented out, also I have several lines that are only in the child themes I provide for users. Is there a way to add additional strings to the Glotpress translations, that are not recognized automatically?


  5. anmari

    I see that the language pack doesn’t ‘work’ unless 100% translated. Just wondering if it was necessary to be so limiting – sometimes a partial translation is better than nothing?

    So I suppose that means we keep shipping the often partial translations maybe for a very long time for most plugins.

    So if a plugin is updated, then the pack will not download because now it is not 100%, but hopefully any existing downloaded pack will keep working even if the plugin updates ?

    IS there any automated checking whether the local translation is at any stage more ‘complete’ than the ‘pack’ version ?
    and possibly use it to get updated ?

    I’m thinking since I don’t have the language skills, I do a rudimentary check, but I basically just include the translation file . While I can of course suggest the person become a translator and request to add their username, I suspect that since they often translate for themselves and of course want the translation to work, they’ll offer the local one first and maybe not be so interested in additional work to update the pack. So for all but the very popular plugins, I can see that local files will live a long time ?

    Or have I missed something?


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