1. luroch

    Thanks for the info. Would you tell me what makes this plugin different from codestyling-localization?


  2. Joan Boluda

    Wow, that’s a great plugin. Now I can get rid off poedit, and translate anything online! Thanks so mucho for this magnificent info, Sarah! That plugin is pure gold to me! You made my day!


  3. lian00

    Codestyling Localisation is another plugin – the same concept. Not better, not worse.


    • luroch

      I know that Codestyling is another plugin. I was only trying to understand if is it worth to try Loco, as an alternative. I mean, is there any extra feature on it, that Codestyling do not offer?


    • Sarah Gooding

      I think Loco is probably most beneficial for people who don’t want to use Poedit anymore or who find it inconvenient.


  4. Knut Sparhell

    I agree it’s a bit odd to present this as something completely new when Codestyling Localization has been available for years.

    Does this do a better job? is it aware of the correct language suffixes to use on the file name, and the correct plugin/theme folder for the files?


  5. Peter

    I didn’t know they had a WP plugin, but I used the web app about 6 times this week on a project. It is very fast and easy to use. I do a lot of work on a Chromebook and editing .po files was one of those tasks that I always had to switch over to Ubuntu to do. I fell in love with the web app and how quick it made the process. Just going through the task of editing po files was faster than working in poedit in Ubuntu.


  6. Brin Wilson

    Typo “transltions” in the first sentence…? Brin (a former professional transltor). ;)


  7. eherman24

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been working on a plugin and localizing the plugin into 10+ languages through Google translator and poedit has been VERY time consuming, to say the least. This should definitely help speed up the process, and will definitely come in handy on my next run around localizing a theme or plugin.

    Maybe future iterations of the plugin/web app can integrate the Google translate API for automatic translations?

    Thanks again.


  8. zeokat

    One of the best online tools that i ever saw for translating. I already translated one WordPress theme using Loco and results was very good.


  9. Hans-Helge

    Thank you for sharing that. I’m currently looking for a good way to collaborative translate my plugin. Loco looks promising. I also looked at POEditor.com. This services does look good as well.


  10. pitou31

    For me Codestyling Localization doesn’t work, nothing displayed. Probably some conflict somewhere ?
    I tried Loco and it works fine. Simple to use, close to Poedit behaviour, no conflict. Possibility to save and download the MO and PO generated files for exchanging data.
    Missing possibility to use automatic translation API.


  11. Thomas

    Nice plugin, but one of the important think I have not got:
    Where can I change the language for the theme. The new MO and PO is ready but useless if the theme does not get the information of the files. Can you help me?


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