Poedit Adds Pro Support for WordPress Theme and Plugin Translation

Poedit 1.6 was released earlier this week. For many WordPress developers, Poedit is their go-to app for generating language files for extensions. This release introduces a new Pro version of the app with built-in support for translating WordPress themes and plugins.

Poedit 1.6 brings a more polished UI, a completely new translation memory implementation, word count, and improved handling of languages and user-friendly plural forms expressions.


Poedit Pro provides intuitive support for translating WordPress themes and plugins. It automatically sets everything up for you when you create a new translation. This is useful if you don’t know anything about gettext, don’t want to spend time learning it or simply want to add a little bit of automation into your translation process. Of course, you can still set it up manually with the free version of the app.

Poedit Pro costs $19.99 for a license and it comes with direct, personal support from the Poedit developer. The free, open source version of Poedit will continue to get updates and will remain community-supported.

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  1. Nice additional to a neat plugin. Really like the new UI and very happy with the update.


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