1. Adam

    Great round-up Sarah! Much better than the one I wrote. :)


  2. wormeyman

    So excited for git/GitHub support.


  3. Keith Davis

    ““This is what is going to take us from 23% to 30% or 40%,” he said. With hundreds and thousands of freelancers and companies all over the world giving back to WordPress,”

    Onwards and upwards.

    Was there any talk of security Sarah?


  4. Dave Hilditch

    Does this mean we will be able to submit plugins using Github rather than SVN?


  5. bb

    WordPress is not only democratizing online publishing but also I.T workforce online! Just musing, I expected Themeforest to also announced their % input to WordPress. I love the part of mobile and if WP can begin to iterate mobile app plugins then I see the Arithmetic Progression spinning faster…

    Nice roundup Sarah, cheers!


  6. Clorith

    I’d like to point out that “Participation on Slack is now available to every single user on WordPress.org, replacing IRC[…]” is a bit misinforming, as they are moving core/group chats off IRC, but the primary #wordpress support channel will remain there for the foreseeable future.

    Would love it if this could be corrected, we get a bit of confusion from it :)


  7. Ari Salomon (helloari)

    Great summary – my question is if WCSF will continue in some smaller form when WCUSA takes the spotlight elsewhere? you say “WordCamp San Francisco will become WordCamp USA” but why wouldn’t there still be a WC in SF if there are WC’s in every major city? Anyway, if you have any insights please let us know…


  8. renegadesk

    It’s great that new tools can be embraced even though the community is massive! Many companies / organisations can be so resistant to change so it’s great to be adaptable like this.

    I’d like to see a channel for new users who are wanting to contribute but don’t know where to start or where they would be best suited. This could really help with onboarding contributors.


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