Where Will WordCamp US be Held?

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During the State of the Word at WordCamp San Francisco, Matt Mullenweg announced that the event will be renamed to WordCamp US and will no longer be held in the Mission Bay conference center. The announcement doesn’t eliminate San Francisco, California from being the host city but it doesn’t seem likely as venues to hold more than 1,000 people are hard to come by or too expensive. The idea of WordCamp US is similar to WordCamp Europe in that it would change host cities every year.

I asked several WCSF attendees where they think the first WordCamp US will be held. The most common answers include the following cities:

  • Houston, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Miami, FL

Houston is a likely candidate as it’s the birth place of Mullenweg, co-creator of the open source WordPress project. With the annual WordPress conference not tied to San Francisco anymore, it gives him an opportunity to host it in his hometown.

Las Vegas has numerous venue locations that can hold upwards of a few thousand people. Food choices are plentiful and the weather is usually pretty nice. Miami is an international destination with easy access from Europe.

Which US city do you think will host the first WordCamp US and which city would you like to see host it? Let us know in the comments.


43 responses to “Where Will WordCamp US be Held?”

  1. I would like to see it on the east coast as a European. I’d love to see it in New York (gives me a reason to go back there) but totally could understand why not. Florida seems the next best thing, particularly as it’s generally the cheapest to fly from the UK.

  2. I would love to see WordCamp US go from town to town, becoming the ‘main’ WordCamp every year, so if it was in Houston, there obviously wouldn’t need to be a WordCamp Houston that year, or Austin, Miami, etc.

    And the hometown people who would normally run those WordCamps could participate, along with help from the primary WordCamp US team which would assist in boasting their organizational skills and bring better WordCamps to that city in the future on it’s own. It’s a win-win!

  3. WordCamp North America would be the most logical name, and opens the path for future WordCamps in other parts of the world, besides Europe. For city, the best choice for an event that attracts so many participants from all over the world, US included, is one with one of the best international/intercontinental flights hub nearby. But may be Houston should wait for the 15th anniversary?

  4. If you want a central location, cheap prices, great barbecue, and a surprisingly interesting city, Kansas City, MO is an excellent choice.

    I’m also fond of Milwaukee (being from there). Cheaper than Chicago, slightly more beautiful lakeshore, and the bus system is adequate!

  5. I’d like to see it called something other than WordCamp. Much like the formerly-WCSF, it won’t be locally organized, won’t have mostly-local speakers, and won’t be subject all the usual parameters for a WordCamp.

    I think there’s definitely a place for a big event aimed at the established WP community, but let’s call it something else and continue to have WordCamps all around.

    As to venue, I don’t really care. I’d like to see it move around between cities that are air hubs so that flights are simple for most folks. Unless they move it to NYC, it’ll be impossible to find somewhere that’s overall more expensive for attendees than SF.

  6. Isn’t there a WordCamp Miami that goes yearly? What if WC US goes there, will the WC US plan things of the WC Miami people?

    I don’t like WC (Continent). WC’s should be local.

    I live in Toronto and 99% of the Canadian Universe is in Toronto. People from Vancouver or Victoria would have to travel 4 1/2 hours to Toronto (non-stop, 6 1/2 if 1 stop transfer city).

    Whatever happened to that rule that WordCamps must be WordCamp (City)

    WordCamp in Canada are mainly two choices: Toronto and Montreal. Maybe there was one in Vancouver, I can’t remember.

    I think the organizers of the local WP Meetup group should do the WordCamp for that City.

    I was (and still am) against…

    WordCamp UK. I think London, Edinburgh and Cardiff have enough ppl to do their own WordCamps

    Same for European countries like Croatia and Serbia. Among other Countries.

    Having WC Europe in let’s say France, that WC will get more western Europeans, since it will be more costly for Croatians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Polish, etc… to go to France over French/Spanish/etc…

    Same for WC US, it will cost more for someone on the opposite coast.

    Local WordCamps mean people won’t have to spends 100s of dollars to attend.

  7. I think if you did WordCamp North for US/CAN and a WordCamp South for those in central and south America you’d be continuing the continental precedent set with WC Europe. Matt said that WC Europe has been a huge success and most likely is fostering continued growth of local WordCamps so I do think there’s room for both. I love the idea of investing in a smaller market city too. With a WC North you could also alternate between Canada and the US.


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