1. Keith Davis

    Finally here Sarah
    Local sites first and then update live sites this weekend..


  2. Sefa Tsegha

    Nice work, guys! I’ve been waiting for this release.


  3. Mark Gavalda (@MarkGavalda)

    One thing’s missing from this article! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzxrBdryBzU
    Benny was amazing!


  4. fredrix

    I wish WP would give the option to set up separate media libraries for different groups of images!


  5. dlouwe

    I’m most excited about the new ordering ability of WP_Query; I was butting heads against the old limitation the day before they announced this would be included in 4.0.


  6. Abu Zafor

    I am just curious about installing the new version and test all of these improvements but unfortunately, I don’t want to have any downtime. Before I update to new version, I want to install it locally on my computer to ensure the update will not conflict with any plugin.


  7. Robin

    While I do appreciate the new features and tweaks, I wish that the next major release would mainly concentrate on refactoring and optimizing the existing code to make it run faster and more efficiently.

    Am I the only one?


    • KTS915

      You’re certainly not the only one!

      There are several long-standing bugs that seem just to have been ignored.

      And, while it was good to see some effort put into improving security in the last minor release, that too normally seems to figure low in priorities.

      To be frank, WordPress is becoming a bit of a bloated beast. I even wonder whether, if it continues to focus on shiny instead of functional, someone might fork the whole project.


  8. daniel

    My theme Divi is not working now!!! I think is this update, now I can’t access the website builder! :( ugh so frustrated


  9. Patrick

    This WordPress 4.0 release is really great ! I have been trying it out all day long and it is really cool to just have to copy and paste links to emebed them for twitter and Youtube. If some French people are reading this ATM, I found this article which is a great summary of all the new features : http://www.leptiweb.fr/webmarketing/wordpress-4-0-benny-nouveautes-1737/


  10. Sky4git

    Thanks for the update Sarah.


  11. blair2004

    Really nice this release, even if i think that plugin search results needs more improvements, especially on the layout and each details position.


  12. WordPress 4.0 "Benny"

    Welcome “Benny”: yatko.com


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