1. Keith Davis

    WordPress 4.0!!!
    That time already.


  2. Greg Smithhisler

    The new layout for the plugins interface is attractive, functional and very welcome.The addition of a recognizable icon is also a welcome addition–any visual cue beyond having to read plain text is more than a cosmetic improvement. I’ve been doing the “bleeding edge nightlies” thing for several months now on a test site and I recommend it to anyone who has a test site they can spare for a few days or, better yet, a local testing environment. It certainly smooths the transition. Thanks to the 4.0 development team and beta-testers for all their hard work!


  3. bphelp1

    Cool, just added icons to a couple of my plugins. Thanks for the tip Sarah very simple to implement so all plugin developers should take a couple minutes to get this done!


  4. Piet

    very cool new feature that perhaps even helps in pushing plugin devs to update their plugins. Mine were already compatible up to beta version, but I used this to adjust it to 4.0 and included the new icon of course :)


  5. g2-8027902d810d00f1e7436bc86ec768c7

    Here’s a thought: if we could filter plugins in our search, and limit it to those with an icon and/or banner, we could exclude all the plugins that haven’t been updated for years and may no longer be compatible…


  6. Vikas Thakur

    The favorites feature was introduced a while ago but I don’t think it has been utilised properly yet. I think it would be great if you could install your favorite plugins with just a single click. Just a thought.


    • UaMV

      Check out wpcore.com, if you’ve not. It’s a relatively new service that allows bulk installation of plugin collections. I’ve only just begun using it, but looks pretty slick.


  7. Christee

    I know this is a 6-month-old post…but I needed a place to vent a recent peeve, and this is the closest fit I could find. It may never get read, but at least I’ve said my piece. ;)

    So, the plugin repository is now prettier and easier to search, but why does there seem to be no focus on making plugin versions more manageable?

    In particular:
    1) Allow replacing a plugin – with older, same, or newer version – via uploaded .zip
    2) Allow downgrading a plugin via integrated selection of a prior version (rather than manually getting the .zip from the Developers tab).
    3) Allow ignoring an update notice for a particular version of an individual plugin.

    These would help greatly in this situation: You are using plugin X version 1.00. 1.01 is released, which you install but find it breaks something important. In this case you want to be able to easily go back to 1.00. You also want to ignore the update notice for 1.01, but you *do* want an update notice for 1.02 (which, hopefully, solves the issue).

    Based on support comments I’ve read for several plugins, the need for item 1 is common. I even found a plugin intended to solve it – but it did not work.

    Items 2 and 3 are more icing – but the cake is pretty plain without them. The update notice sounds trivial, but for those of us who like to stay current, it’s annoying to see the notice when I don’t intend to use it. Plus I’m always concerned I might accidentally update it (and be left, again, in the situation where I need to do a clunky downgrade).

    These tasks are currently manual and error prone. It would be really nice if there was a graceful way to handle them.


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