WordPress is Now 100% Translated Into Marathi

The Polyglots team announced this week that WordPress is now 100% translated into Marathi, an Indian language with an estimated 73 million native speakers. Marathi is one of the official languages of Western India and is the 19th most spoken language in the world ranked by the number of native speakers.


Less than a week ago, the Marathi translation was at just 10%, but the new translation teams rallied during the Global WordPress Translation Day event to complete it in a matter of days. According to organizer Petya Raykovska, “India was the big surprise with four of the big Indian languages getting new contributors, forming teams, and connecting across India with one another to collaborate live.”

Thanks to the eight local translation team events in India, Marathi received a strong enough push to get all WordPress strings translated at 100% just a few days after the event concluded. Hindi is also now at 100% and the other Indian languages are off to a good start with the newly-formed translation teams.


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