1. Abana Homes

    Correct me if wrong but this WP for Android will benefit those who wants to post on the go.

    Serious bloggers and website content generators won’t mind doing it in the browser anyway.


  2. Saket Yeotikar

    I think they are planning to compete with existing giants in storyline. It would be interesting to see how wordpress will bring more value addition.

    Let’s look forward what might be in the plate.


  3. Scott Scheibe

    If it works, I did some Mico blogging with the previous version and it never showed up on my blog. Apparently only worked with WordPress hosted wp.


  4. David Sanchez

    It looks like a good idea. I have some clients who are using all the time the phone and the computer just for posting on the blog. With the new update, they will be 100% on the phone. I know this is no for everyone, but definitely, there is a target for it.


  5. Dale

    Will these story posts be eligible for Google Discovery? Or, only story posts by the official Web Stories plugin by Google? I would rather use this option, just to keep it simple but would like the best option for SEO too. Please share more information, videos, and experiences you have had as a reply to this comment. Thank you!


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