1. Jesse

    “The WooCommerce app requires Jetpack to connect stores to the app.”

    R.I.P. WooCommerce…


  2. Michal Barus

    It’s crap with jetpack. Storepep much better with API. Shame woo!!!


  3. David

    There is already an OFFICIAL iOS App for WooCommerce – this was released as v1.0 back in 2014 already. At a time when “WooCommerce” was still under the WooThemes roof. However, the current version is listed as v1.5 and from Automattic.

    I guess they want to release new apps for iOS and Android which have the same core?!? This could also be the reason Jetpack is needed.

    However, the requirement of Jetpack IS a deal breaker! This will make the whole app unusable.

    Jetpack has so many issues, especially regarding privacy/GDPR and also the required WordPress.com connection. These ARE all deal breakers especially for shop owners!


  4. PixelBee

    I honestly don’t understand why people hate Jetpack. I have 30+ sites all connected with Jetpack and my life been much easier since.

    Just disable the useless default feature like Beautiful Math and Notifications then you’re good to go.

    This woocommerce app is looking good so far


  5. Renato

    I do not like Jetpack, having to install the plugin to be a bridge, it’s complicated.


  6. Felix Appmaker

    I am still figuring out if that’s the best way. We have been using Telegram to monitor Woocommerce order updates and recommend them to Woocommerce native mobile store owners.


  7. Felix Appmaker

    Look forward to this update. Been using Woocommerce API for creating Telegram bot that gives real-time order updates.


  8. Shayna

    Trying out the beta app now – We don’t really use jetpack on our clients’ sites, but I’m finding the conversation here interesting. Definitely don’t want out client potentially exposing customers’ information. I found this article to read through tomorrow https://jetpack.com/2018/05/25/jetpack-gdpr/

    Also, So far, it only seems to show data from this month, October 2018. There isn’t any historical sales volume populating for prior months, years even though there should be.

    Anyone know about this?


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