1. David Decker

    The Jetpack requirement is a total no-go!

    Why should a shop connect to WordPress.com in the first place?
    And why transfer all this data to WordPress.com?

    This is technically NOT needed to maintain a shop and neither for running a mobile app on a mobile device!

    So there must be other reasons they require it: I can only imagine they want do things with people’s data…! That would be the only reason or to make future upsells.

    BUT: Sensible shop data has no place on WordPress.com or in Automattic hands.

    Also, this whole thing is NOT GDPR compliant. In light of GDPR the usage must be possible without any data transfer. And if I use it still not only must be publicly available what data is transferred to where but also how long is it stored and which parties have also access to it. All this is unknown yet. A serious shop owner just cannot use such things. Not only for shops from the EU this is a no-go.

    I can only but recommend any shop owner staying away of such products/services with such requirements.


    • Ahsan Parwez

      If it is not GDPR compliant than this app isn’t useful for stores serving EU customers. It is better to stay away from this and invest in creating their own mobile apps.


    • Miroslav Glavić

      Most “free” apps/service/websites sell your information/browsing patterns and so forth. How else do you think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so forth pay the bills? Advertising dollars are not really that great


    • Vincent Tobiaz

      Just using WP Admin in a browser is a lot easier lol.


  2. Stephen Vaughan

    Have to agree with DAVID Decker. There seems to be an insidious aspect to much which is online. Not to be encouraged.


  3. Jon Brown

    Jetpack seemed to be improving for a while, but it a mess again, it activates features I don’t want and makes disabling them a PITA. So once again I’m recommending against even installing it and removing it for all the sites I can.

    That JetPack houses the WordPress.com and WooCommerce connectors just proves the point it’s too bloated.

    It’s time for JetPack to explode into sensible pieces. There are useful bits, but separating things out into 3 plugins, one for WordPress.com blogging features (publish, comments, subscribe, stats), one for WooCommerce Featutes, and one for the junk pile of LaTex, Portfolios, Markdown, etc… and heck maybe break it into 5-10 pieces, it’s currently that unwieldy.

    It’s too bad, the WooCommerce mobile app by itself looks like a promising start, but JetPack being required in its current state is a non-starter.


  4. Todd Wilkens

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. I’m the product lead for Woo and I work closely with my colleagues on the Jetpack team. To clarify some misperceptions in this comment thread:

    1. WooCommerce, like Jetpack, is part of Automattic. We don’t sell user data to third parties.

    2. We do everything we can to ensure that our services abide by GDPR, and the spirit of those guidelines, across both Woo and Jetpack. More here: https://jetpack.com/2018/05/25/jetpack-gdpr/ and here: https://woocommerce.com/gdpr/

    3. The Woo Mobile apps require a robust cloud infrastructure for everything from authentication to notifications. Jetpack already has a robust infrastructure and provides a ton of services in just one plugin. We use a lot of those services to power parts of WooCommerce and its mobile apps.


  5. Brad

    For those who are in the 25,000+ WooHelp group, go read these reactions when I pinned the post and made the announcement ;-)

    The reactions and comments over there were…… uhm…. well…. compared to what I’m reading here, the thread was predictably parallel



    • David Artiss

      I’ve not looked but are those comments to do with the privacy aspects of this?

      I only ask because the Facebook group you point to insists you register your name and email on a third party site, which has no obvious privacy policy or information about how that collected data is to be used, whilst also forcing you to sign up for a newsletter with no option to opt-out by default.

      Or did I miss something?


      • Brad

        That’s a MailChimp landing page that totally cuts down on spammers -A LOT👍
        We figured if folks can’t follow the directions, can’t think of a valid email, and can’t figure out their first name….then we just delete+block ’em & they don’t get in the group 😁


  6. Jonah Brown

    It did throw me off a bit with the Jetpack requirement. Since you do need jetpack for certain things like live rates and taxes. After testing Shopify apps, this experience should be more seamless. Especially with the React API, since this is being used more often.

    Maybe a development company can develop an alternative like these sites have for Point on Sale:



  7. Steve

    Requires Jetpack? Bummer. That’s a no from me.


  8. Md Din Islam

    Jetpack is quite good on some specific requirements like image lazy loading or facebook auto post etc. But I don’t like Jetpack personally. When I heard about mobile apps – really get impressed but when I heard Jetpack is needed – I just lost my hope :p Let’s see what we get!


  9. Usha Panigrahi

    Jet pack is pain in the arse. It does slow down website.There are lot of unwanted code is there to make this feature rich.Idea behind it make Swiss army knife plugin for word press but again in that conquest it lost the basic requirement for being fast.


    • Lester Diaz

      I agree with you on the point that Jet Pack makes your website slow and whereas it being feature-rich, that’s a concern of the future I feel the improper implementation of these features is what is causing all this mess.


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