1. Muhammad Adnan

    being a co-organizer of Sialkot WordPress meetup, I would say There are lots of WordPress developers who are living their lives by selling WordPress plugins, themes and custom WordPress projects for more than 5 years and these meetups are gathering them all to come forward and share their knowledge to grow open source movement.

    I invite Matt and other WordPress lovers to start thinking to speak at WordCamp Pakistan ;)


    • Imran Hafiz

      Before inviting Matt to Pakistan it is important to consider that Some local hardline islamists have threatened Pakistanis to boycott WordPress as it is a Tool of the Kaafir and have issued a fatwa for future events such as these. Now I believe such misunderstandings are temporary and should go away soon.

      Imran Hafiz Sayeed


      • Ehtasham Nasir

        Now a days most of things comes from western countries and no fatwa against them. We should encourage other peoples to participate in such types of events because now the security position is very good as compare to before. I just request you show the positive attitude towards others and ignore the nonsense opinion. Islam is Great and wast.



      • Fatima

        You know something is huge in Pakistan when the assorted Islamists declare a fatwa against it, isn’t that always the case? Happy to be working with WordPress. Here’s to bigger and better and more Islamist-irritating things to come! ;)


    • Suleiman Khan

      What about the terrorism threat? do you think our country is ecquipped to handle a conference with Firangis? there have been many incidents of kidnap of high value targets.


  2. John Blackbourn



  3. Ahmad Awais

    It was a fun thing to do, last time we organised a WordPress week, that was in 2014 with 700+ attendees. Now this meetup with 1000+ potential registerations and 500+ attendees.

    Sarah, I actual spoke about “Personal Development for a WordPress Developer” at this meetup. My slides can be found at (Zoom out to view it) http://ahmda.ws/PersonalDevWP

    Thanks to all the organisers and contributors.


  4. Noumaan Yaqoob

    It was a great event. So many local WP users and beginners under on roof. They were all so very excited to improve their skills or get started. I hope that many beginners who start by attending meetup, will do great things in the future. Organizers deserve the praise for pulling this off with limited resources. Can’t wait for WordCamp Pakistan :)


  5. Tai

    As an American business owner hiring developers, I’m very interested in this. Some internal metrics show me that heavy key entry-points stem from Pakistan and also India, in regards to WordPress developers seeking employment. I am concerned about the high volume of Muhammad Haris clones on the market today. I want our products to be very unique to end-user and developers should NOT try to mimic Avada. I consider this important fact when I outsource freelancers from different countries.

    Any Pakistani’s care to share some insights on the general professionalism and skill levels within the Pakistani WordPress community? Thanks :)


    • Waseem Abbas

      Hello Tai,

      I work for Envira Gallery WordPress Plugin as a Writer and Community Manager. Envira is a product of Awesome Motive. AM has many other successful web properties like WP Beginner, OptinMonster, List25 etc. And, I’m a Pakistani working professional.

      I’m glad to know that you are interested in the talent of Pakistan. Let me tell you very common names.

      Muhammad Kashif, the organizer of this big event in Lahore is a professional developer, and he is running his own web agency. To my goodwill of sharing this general professionalism stats with you, I met a few more talented developers due to this meetup over Twitter from Pakistan.

      If you may not know Muhammad Adnan, then I would like to introduce you another successful WordPress plugin developer from Pakistan. Adnan developed WP-Analytify, a Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress backend (2000+ active installs).

      You may have seen Ahmad Awais in the comments above. He is the core contributor in many of the WordPress releases. With over 10 years of experience, he is a deep down developer. Isn’t great?

      These are just a few names. I wish we can talk more, so I can tell you about the Pakistani skill level and professionalism. Cheers! :)


    • Syed Balkhi

      Hey Tai,

      Syed Balkhi here, founder of AwesomeMotive (WPBeginner, OptinMonster, and tons of other web properties).

      I’m a Pakistani American and have employees working in several countries US, UK, Czech Republic, Greece, and Pakistan as well.

      From my experience, I’ve found the professionalism level to be a hit or miss — but that’s true of most South Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, etc).

      That’s why doing proper due diligence and having a good interview process is important. For developer level roles, I highly recommend creating a multi-part test project that increases in difficulty. Only serious professionals will work on the test project, the rest won’t even bother to start.

      It’ll also help to understand the culture as well which will help you weed out most of the “copy-cats”. From your comment above, I imagine you’ve already dealt with a few of those.

      Lastly, I’m a firm believer of you get what you pay for. There are some really talented folks in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc — but you have to be realistic about the pay for their respective talent.


  6. Usman

    Hello Tai,

    Usman here (and no, I don’t have a fancy website to show you) but I have been the server guy for some well known WP based sites from USA for past 4 years or so. (Part of the talented team who manages everything for those big names) I also work with clients for WP Security and WP Optimization.

    I completely agree with Syed Balkhi here. But that is true for almost every situation and everywhere. You do need proper due diligence to hire anyone as part of your team. And yeah, you get what you pay for. (Pretty common saying in the hosting World)

    We have tremendous talent here just waiting to be found. Given the right opportunity, they can do pretty much anything. It’s actually pretty hard to work from here at times (Hint: No PayPal) but we still find a way to WOW everyone every once in a while. :)

    PS. You will find Muhammad Haris clones almost everywhere :P (there may be a few more here).


  7. Mian Shahzad

    It is good to see that WordPress community is growing in Pakistan, i started developing wp sites when many of us think wp is useless application and joomla and others are good. but i have always said to people that WP is gonna rock and here it is. i missed this meetup but surely attend next one.


  8. Fatima

    I’m based in Lahore. Where did this meetup take place? I could have sworn that’s the FAST NUCES auditorium.


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