WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016

Earlier this week we interviewed Muhammad Kashif about the phenomenal growth of the WordPress community in Pakistan. Kashif organizes the local Lahore meetup, which started with a few dozen attendees three months ago and grew to more than 500 this past weekend. His team has been working hard to bring WordCamp to Pakistan, and today their application was approved by the WordPress Foundation.

The event will officially be called WordCamp Lahore. Kashif said that they originally proposed “WordCamp Pakistan” but were asked to keep it local to the city. The Foundation’s reply to their request was as follows:

We stay away from labeling WordCamps with the country name rather than the city, because we have found that doing so discourages local organizers from doing additional WordCamps in the country. We had some problems with this in the past, where because there was a “national” WordCamp, no other WordCamps ever happened in that country. When we changed the naming convention to be city-focused, that country developed stronger local communities and several WordCamps per year.

The application proposed September for the event but the dates have not yet been finalized. WordCamp Lahore organizers will have an orientation meeting with WP Foundation representatives tomorrow to begin the planning process.

Kashif told the Tavern that they are looking at the Lahore International Expo Centre as a possible venue, since it has an 820 seat capacity. The team will be meeting with a few different venue providers to find a good fit.

Lahore International Expo Centre
Lahore International Expo Centre

As Pakistan is a multilingual country, most of the Lahore meetup sessions are conducted in English. This means that the WordCamp will likely be accessible to a wide range of people outside of Pakistan as well. If the Lahore meetup attendance numbers are any indication, the first WordCamp in Pakistan has the potential to be one of the largest first WordCamps in history.


23 responses to “WordCamp Lahore, Pakistan Application Approved for 2016”

    • I am from Karachi too. I will be attending the event, along with other WordPress folks from Karachi. You should join the WP meetups Pakistan on Facebook or WordPress meetups Lahore on meetup.com. We will be posting regular updates there. You can meet us at WordPress meetup Karachi in February.

  1. All americans/Europeans should stay away from this event as getting a Pakistani Visa on your passport will automatically add you to FBI’s list of potential high risk travelers and subsequently you could end up on the no fly list. Once you have a Pakistani visa on your passport you will also come under the radar of the NSA where all your communication/Financial transactions will be under NSA scrutiny. With that said, all the best to the WordCamp.

      • Suleiman, you need to take it easy. I’ve seen your comment on last post too.

        Too many events take place in Lahore each day. And in how many events do you thinks these Islamists cause trouble? None. That’s right.

        Before you comment any further, I want to let you know that this blog is read by people from all around the word. I feel like you are trying hard to make Pakistan look like a place where all the terrorist activities occur.

        • Dear Salman,

          You are correct, but you should also agree that our great nation is not a stable country like america now. Pakistani citizens are regularly involved in terrorist attacks in many parts of the world, we also harbour such groups in Lahore where this event will take place. please note that Osama Laden was the official guest of the Army while eating regularly at the Abotabad army canteen until the americans caught him.

  2. I am really feeling glad to hear that that Lahori’s have again showed up their skills, hard-work and efforts to bring something new & unique in their city that will going to help make better professionals. Karachi-ites are also very techie people but I think they are a but puzzled these days in working more in their offices. But hopefully, there would be some techie-ites from Karachi already working on something really big.


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