1. zee

    Awesome! This is gonna be huge!


  2. Codemovement

    This is remarkable achievement. We can’t forget the volunteer efforts of Asad Ullah, Usama Masood, Khurram Khawaja and Asif Ullah. More than 50% contribution is from Code Movement Pakistan alone. Hats off to all the volunteers of Code Movement Pakistan.


  3. Ali Muhammad

    Congratulations to the Pakistani WordPress Community on this achievement!

    Yahillahi-Illallah Muhammada’ Rasullalah,

    Ali Muhammed,


  4. Khurram

    Congratulations to our WordPress Pakistan community on achieving the 100% translation of Urdu and really appreciate their efforts. Well done guys and keep on contributing.


  5. Sajid Javed

    This is awesome! This is going to help local WordPress professionals for sure.


  6. Ahmad Awais

    Thanks a lot, Sarah for writing about WordPress in Urdu. It was a team effort. I enjoyed reading your perspective and you’ll find me in complete agreement with your following statement

    More than 100 translators participated in bringing the Urdu translation to 100% for WordPress. With the software now accessible to 100 million Urdu speakers, the region seems like a good candidate for an educational investment to bring more developers up to speed with using WordPress for commerce and government sites.

    I love to teach, if Matt can help us with this, I’d love to contribute and help WP grow in PK. Obviously, though, his mentorship will mean a lot.

    Since “they are still figuring it out but envision an open source curriculum with locally run classes and support” I can definitely help with that. We can get started with UET (University of Engineering & Technology) where there takes place an Open Source conference for past five years or so. There’s also LUMS and ITU.

    Anywho, if the WordPress Foundation has any interest in it whatsoever, I’d love to talk it through with them. Do reach out.



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