1. Tomas M.

    Very happy to see this update. Although I love using WP themes in Lithuanian, but it is much easier to use WP Admin in English as many terms are familiar from other software.

    In contrast Lithuanian terms sometimes sound very confusing and I would spend extra time trying to figure it out… I guess I’m just old guy, when I started university, computers were pretty new thing and many terms were international/English. Most likely younger IT guys learned it in native language at the university.


  2. John Blackbourn

    During my first test of the new feature I thought it was broken, but it turns out the setting is not visible if the site language is set to the default en_US. Change the site language under Settings to something else and WordPress will then show available translations in the user profile language dropdown.

    The reason for this somewhat unexpected behaviour is because the list of available languages on the user profile screen is limited to the currently installed languages, unlike the language selection options on the General Settings screen which allows you to install any language available on translate.wordpress.org. If you install a language other than English (US) then it’ll be available for users to select on the user profile screen.

    This may be something that can be improved in 4.8, but I thought I’d let you know the reason behind it.


  3. Gareth Gillman

    I am so glad this is now becoming reality, that was my initial ticket after frustrations with “international” sites, this is why I love WordPress, someone has a need for a feature and lots of people jump into make it a reality.


  4. Jay Syder

    Nice interesting timing I have just started using the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-language-per-user/ with one site, which works well.


  5. pivari

    Very good feature.
    Do you think WP will introduce also true multilanguage site support?
    I’d like the possibility to have a site in Italian and English without to install plugin.



  6. Otto

    The reason for the setting not appearing until other languages are installed is a technical one, but for a first try, I think this fits the main use case. The main case is for sites where the admin is in a different language by default, having the option to switch back to English on a per-user basis is super useful.

    Of course, the ability to choose any installed language is there, the only thing really missing from it is the ability to install a language that isn’t already installed. And that is available in the general settings area, so it’s not a hugely missing feature, really.

    For me, this is a fantastic feature. It will help a lot since I’ll be able to access our international sites using English without actually affecting any of the other users of those sites. Trying to clean up spam in the Hebrew forums without being able to read the interface was kind of tricky. :)


  7. Andrew

    FYI: WordPress, on my view and what is happening, they supported new custom post type beside post and pages, you can turn on “portfolio” and “testimonial” for your site in Jetpack and it will appear under your WP-Calypso.

    It seems that in future, we can use custom action (maybe) to register our post type to Jetpack setting, and we can decide if we want to turn on that post type on Calypso or not.

    There’s more and more feature is being tested for the big evolution of WordPress, version 5.0 I think!


  8. Andrei

    This is a great resolve for a big pain point! Thank you so much!


  9. Lars

    Oh that’s really a great improvement!!


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