1. Eugene Kopich

    Happy New TwentySeventeen and all that jazz))


  2. Joseph Dickson

    Anyone else notice that “Square” tablet in the video?

    I’m sure it’s an oversight but they’re technically a competing platform and this video is marketed to business owners.

    Square doesn’t need the free publicity.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    Is it my imagination or is WordPress 4.7 a lot faster?


  4. Rajeev Sharma

    Cheers, WP team!!
    All the very best to 4.7 and 2017.
    Will the transition from 2014 to 2017 be smooth?


    • Danny Santoro

      As long as you don’t have a lot of customizations that are embedded in Twenty Fourteen, it should be like flipping a switch with your content. You’ll need to set up the home page again since it has more features, but playing with new toys is always a good time :)


  5. Maruti Prasad Mohanty

    Just love this update. It has a bit for everyone, from designers to developers to users.

    Twenty seventeen theme looks so awesome, can’t wait to use it.

    Cheers to the Team :)


  6. Ümit Yaşar

    theme options not showing for me? Does anyone know the reason?


    • Luke Cavanagh

      Is this with default theme and no plugins active?


    • Kathryn

      The Theme Options panel should appear after you’ve selected a static front page. If your front page is set to display the latest posts, the Theme Options panel won’t appear in the Customizer.


  7. John Jr

    Hello Sarah Gooding,

    Do you or anyone reading this know why the Twenty Seventeen theme has not been released on WordPress.com yet, and does WordPress Tavern plan on doing a post about this?

    This is the longest it has taken for a default Twenty-Something WordPress theme to be released on WordPress.com ever, and so far I have not found any information on exactly what is going on that needs to be adjust to this theme before it is ready for WordPress.com.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


    • Jeffr0

      I shared your comment with the team at WordPress.com responsible for themes and they’re looking into it. Thanks for letting us know about it!


    • David A. Kennedy

      Thanks for the interest! We’re working on it now, busy laying the technical foundation needed for Twenty Seventeen. It should be up after the new year. It’s been a busy month, so thanks for your patience. :)


      • John Jr

        Hello David A. Kennedy, and thank you for responding. :)

        I guess the Twenty Seventeen theme was more ambitious and advanced than I thought. ;)

        I guess that technical foundation includes some of the new features like video headers I assume?

        Thank you,
        -John Jr


  8. Klaas

    REST API at work here:



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