1. Mike

    Since we are talking about menus, it would be great if there was a menu batter box a la widgets. Making menu items is tedious and there is no place to put them if the menu is killed for whatever reason. Perhaps even menu items could be created separately of menus and then added to menus when needed.


    • Drew Jaynes

      Sort of like “inactive menu items”?

      There’s been some discussions through the years about creating a menu items section that holds things like the “Home” page link, and plugins/themes would be able to create their own pre-defined menu items for that space. Another one (before actual support was just added in 4.4) was support for post type archives.


  2. Morten Rand-Hendriksen

    I’ll repeat my comment from the Make post here:

    While I think this functionality is useful, I think the Customizer is the wrong place for it. That also extends to post/page editing btw. Using the Customizer for content creation blurs the scope of the feature by mixing two very different types of tasks into one tool: Customizing the appearance and functionality of a site vs. creating content for the site.

    I can see this type of feature creating a lot of confusion for the end-user, especially those who are not already well versed in how WordPress works.

    IMO for this concept to work, there has to be a clear separation between the Customizer action (creating and customizing a menu) and the content creation action (creating and populating Pages). This separation needs to be both contextual and visual, either by moving focus off the Customizer to a new and different Editor panel, or by enabling in-page/post editing directly in the preview.


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