1. Ben Fox

    Wahoo! On time and on budget! Well done Core Team.


  2. Keith Davis

    Thanks for the heads up and the overview Jeff.
    I’ll watch the comments and see if there are any problems before I update.

    Are there any security fixes in this release?


  3. Andy McIlwain (@andymci)

    Excited to see the new text formatting support. :)


  4. Pradeep Singh

    Awesome WordPress core Team! Had been enjoying the updates in nightly builds, will love experiencing it in live websites!!

    As a publisher, I am mostly excited about the editor changes such as text patterns that will make it easy to format content.


  5. pgrote

    I upgraded one of my sites and review the following error:

    [18-Aug-2015 20:59:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_richedit_pre() (previously declared in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php:3096) in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/deprecated.php on line 3608

    All plugins disabled.


  6. Jeffrey



  7. Trevor Nelmes

    So, the publicity says that the site icon can be set from the admin area. I can only find it in the customizer, after it loads the front end? Pre-release discussions seem to sguuest it would be either in the Appearance menu or in the General Settings menu, but it isn’t in either? Am I going blind (a distinct possibility)?


  8. Donald Allen

    This upgrade destroyed my wordpress website.


  9. Steve

    destroyed 4 WordPress sites
    examples ;-(

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_richedit_pre() (previously declared in /home/purposek/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php:3096) in /home/purposek/public_html/wp-includes/deprecated.php on line 3608

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function _deprecated_constructor() in /home/paddling/public_html/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 176


  10. Eric Daams

    Surprised to see a few popular themes & plugins didn’t update in time for the WP_Widget constructor deprecation changes.


  11. Steve

    fixed with manual upgrade. upgraded about 35 sites and 5 failed in total via managewp


  12. Rami

    Jeff, thanks for the review. Many great features.

    But seems like the new version breaks many sites. People should wait with upgrade.


  13. Ciprian

    Okay, I have upgraded three sites just now, more to follow. Two of them went smooth, one of them threw the “Are you sure? Try again” page. I deactivated the Sucuri Security plugin and it worked.

    Also, all three are missing the Customizer icon:



  14. Gary

    Ah, Customise. Another menu bar option I need to work out how to hide. I mean, I’m sure it’s helpful but how about being able to easily reorder lots of Pages without resorting to a plugin? There used tyo be a note about how poor / difficult this was to do on the edit screen, years ago.


  15. Chris Mooney

    Great update by the WordPress team! Some of the smaller tweaks such as comments being turned off on pages by default are a big win for new users.


  16. paulaartist

    Has the missing “Get shortlink” for scheduled posts returned in this upgrade?


  17. aljuk

    I’m having major problems with 4.3. I use a static front page, and the blog homepage normally at home.php or page-blog.php.

    The following functions (and all their variations) no longer work properly in the loop in the blog homepage on any of my sites –


    If I create a WP_Query object inside any page template, let’s say just to pull the last 10 posts, then all the titles and permalink URLs will be identical, and $post->ID (inside the loop) no longer pulls the individual post ID, but instead pulls the ‘main’ page ID, so every post in the archive now outputs the same value for post id, the same title, and the same link.


  18. elishasoutcasteagles

    I see where they were going with the text pattern/shortcuts, but sometimes I don’t want my numbers to create lists. For instance, we have several posts where we’re using numbers in headlines and we don’t want them to indent as in a list. Is there a way to override this shortcut?


  19. marco

    After this update all javascript on my site ceased working. It seems that ba lot of people have reported this idssue butI can’t find a olution to my problem.


  20. Phil

    How do I undo the “upgrade”? It changed y home page and removed some things I had on it.


  21. C4talyst

    I can no longer disable wpautop…anyone know a workaround? I hate having WordPress replace my code with a lot of p tags.


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