1. Alec Kinnear

    Thanks for the heads up on these new features Sarah.

    Creating a simple interface to add or delete a favicon is a very welcome addition. On the other hand adding favicon preparation software is serious overkill. Creating proper icons is serious work. Making it very easy for WordPress users to create really bad favicons just makes the whole WordPress project seem very amateur.

    If there were just an upload function for the favicons, then most people would have the sense to seek out dedicated software or better yet, a competent icon designer.


    • Jay Syder

      I don’t see how it is that overkill if a person actually wants more than a simple crop. Then wouldn’t they still search for more like you said. I mean at least this help prevent the really obvious mistakes some people short on time and no real knowledge make of just uploading something expecting it to auto crop the way they imagined. Which if it was as limited as you said I bet there would be a ton of people do that like you see them with featured images.


  2. Simply Compelling

    And so ends All In One Favicon. They currently have 200,000+ active installs even though the plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.


  3. Pradeep Singh

    Awesome! Had to use Site Icon feature from Jetpack , glad that it is becoming part of core.


  4. Gary

    I couldn’t help but notice that the WPTavern site icon hasn’t been changed to super dog. Please fix ASAP.


  5. Andre

    Regarding the site icon…I’m sure many will be happy about that feature being part of the core. The only thing that should be given consideration is the labeling of it. I think it might confuse many end-users who may wonder what is a site icon when most are familiar with the term “favicon”.


  6. Ciprian

    Will the Jetpack feature be retired?

    As Jetpack is maintained by Automattic, having both a core favicon feature AND a Jetpack favicon feature is redundant.


  7. Alessandro Tesoro

    I’m very happy about the site icon feature, one less option to add to themes options panels now.


  8. Richard

    The possibility for different icons for different sizes would be nice/better.
    An iOS / windows tile can have a lot of more detail than a reqular browser favicon.


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