1. Jeffrey

    What does the Site Icon do in browser? It’s different from the favicon, right? What does it need to be so large?


    • Samuel "Otto" Wood

      Site icon is a combination of the favicon and the icons used for bookmarks in mobile devices. It’s the icon that represents your site in a number of different ways.

      It is used as the favicon, yes, and it needs to be large because small icons look awful on high resolution screens.

      Basically, 512 is the common recommended size for all of them. Even for favicons, on HiDPI devices (like retina screens), the icon displayed can be much sharper and cleaner if it’s a higher resolution.


  2. CMSWarrior

    The images “says” site icon is used as the browser and app icon, which I think is favicon ( I wish I am correct ). But then 512px square. What is this exactly can someone explain it to me.


  3. Ben Huson

    I believe the site icon also gets used as the “App” icon if you save the web site to your iOS home screen, or Android or Windows devices.


  4. obstschale

    Does WordPress 4.3 support Markdown out of the box? Currently, I use Jetpack for that.


  5. Jigs

    I am using Jetpack favicon feature, will I have to change anything when 4.3 is released, i.e. is it compatible?


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