1. alex

    When will text input be moved to the customizer?

    J/K :)


  2. Jenxi

    Seems like greater integration of Markdown into the visual editor. I


  3. Li-An

    You could say that text patterns are directly inspided by Markdown language from John Gruber – http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax

    People interested by Markdown language – or Markdown Extra from Michel Fortin – may activate Markdown module in Jetpack or use a dedicated plugin.


  4. Ciprian

    There is an option to auto-correct XHTML code automatically (Settings -> Writing). I would have liked to have this markdown editing as a switchable option. Sometimes I like having asterisks instead of bulleted lists. It’s just my personal style.

    I do the same with Google Docs, whenever a list is generated I have to press the backspace key to undo it and have a regular line. It’s just a tiny thing that might get on one’s nerves if repeated too many times.


    • Knut Sparhell

      Your personal style, preferring an asterisk as list bullet, is something you should add to your theme styles. Using paragraphs beginning with an asterisk as a “list” isn’t style, but bad html semantics.


      • Ciprian

        Sometimes the blog posts turn to lots of technical details, and I like to format them as I see fit. I get your point, it’s just that I don’t like my text to be auto-formatted. I understand this option for non-tech clients, but as a developer, I can format my own code, so a filter and a checkbox would be most beneficial.

        Maybe I can quickly code this as a plugin.


  5. Rilwis

    Amazing news! I love Markdown syntax and now WordPress is adding its (partly) into the editor. That is so great! Can’t wait to see it in action!


  6. erikvlie

    Looks suspiciously much like the MarkDown I use when writing in Ulysses on the Mac!


  7. Günter Born

    How to disable the nasty text patterns and quick link toolbar in an easy way? Could not believe, that developers added thouse features without providing an option to disable such features.It seems that WP goes more and more downhill.


    • Li-An

      Well, WP team learns from its errors: they disabled a feature from WP 4.2 in this version. If these two features do not agree to the users, I suppose they will do the same. As I think Text Patterns is a good idea – such feature is not coming from nowhere (see GitHub and some forums) – I won’t agree with you.


    • Rudy

      So, tell us: how do we turn off the ridiculous text patterns feature in the editor? Many of us simply don’t want it. I use keyboard shortcuts in the editor–they already exist, and anyone who writes seriously in other editors, and in word processors, already uses the same common keyboard shortcuts as they have for almost 20 years now. I do not need some editor deciding what I wanted to type. I am holding off upgrading other sites to 4.3 until WP decides to resolve this. Anyone?


    • Shirlee Finn

      “Could not believe, that developers added those features without providing an option to disable such features.It seems that WP goes more and more downhill.”

      Fully agree, so much has been totally stuffed up


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