1. Keith Davis

    And what will sir be doing this weekend?
    Thanks for the heads up Sarah.


    • Terence Milbourn

      This particular “sir” will be using a 3 day old server snapshot to completely wipe out the 4.2 release, 4.3 alpha and everything else on the server along with them.

      Why? Because I wanted to work with the 4.2 release version, at least for a while, but a really weird thing happened here when WordPress updated from 4.2 RC4 to the 4.2 release.

      Within a few seconds of updating, the WordPress Beta Tester plugin updated my brand new 4.2 release version, to 4.3 alpha.

      When I saw the 4.2 welcome page, and right above it the words “4.3 alpha”, I did a double take. I thought somebody had dropped a clanger. And then I figured out what had happened.

      Now, I don’t think that this was what anyone intended; least of all me. But as a result, I will be spending the next half hour or so, rewriting this little bit of local WordPress history.

      Hopefully some kind code diver somewhere will read this and do some core diving, introduce a short delay, some logic or an on-screen warning, so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.



  2. Luka Kaspar

    Nice, just updated. Am always impressed how easy and fast that process is.

    The added features are kinda bleh imo. I guess if I were making some kind of social driven site, emoji might come in handy. I wonder how’s the compression on these remote png images and how it affects pagespeed.

    Looking forward to see the main directions 4.3


    • Chris Christoff

      Emojis isn’t the feature, its just a side effect. The real feature was opening WordPress up to letting people write native unicode characters to support more languages


  3. Miroslav Glavić

    I like this update. a little bland for my tastes but I still like it.

    I would love to see part of core social media logins. I know we can log in with WordPress.com credentials, I would love to see facebook, twitter, G+ and the rest being an option admins can turn on for their websites.

    Overall 4.8/5


    • Chris Christoff

      That will never ever happen. Way too far into plugin territory because social media sites are constantly changing their API. Facebook changes theirs so often they abandoned their official WordPress plugin because they didn’t want to maintain all the api changes.


  4. Sami Keijonen

    I think theme support for html5 widgets didn’t make it to WP 4.2. Let me check if I can find the ticket.


  5. Chris

    It looks like all of the twenty-xxx default themes were updated, but there’s no mention of that in the post. I so with that themes had changelogs like plugins.


  6. Paul

    Quite boring release in my humble opinion. The only interesting things are the taxonomy fixes and the complex query ordering. So thanks to Boone Gorges, one of the few core devs that is not afraid of getting his hands dirty to make cool things for developers happen.


  7. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    … welcome one additional wp emoji script loaded on every site


  8. Joseph

    After upgraded to 4.2, I can’t login to my dashboard anymore. It is always redirect to this url http://www.xxx.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2F and show notice of “No Update Required”. See screenshot: http://prntscr.com/6xganm

    When I click “Continue” it just go back to the homepage of my site, and I can’t login at all. Still working with my host, and just wondering if anyone has seen this kind of message.



  9. KC Herbel

    So, I just upgraded to 4.2 and now I can’t edit any of my pages or posts. The screen becomes unresponsive and then I get an error message telling me that it’s unresponsive because of a long running script. Stopping the script doesn’t help. Wish I had waited until the bugs were ironed out!


  10. KC Herbel

    OK. So Firefox is a little more helpful than IE (go figure). According to the Firefox the script that is hanging up is (drumroll please)….

    Script: http://mysitename.com/wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.2:2

    So all those useless…I mean EXTRA emoji are really coming in handy. Not!


  11. Sudhir Khanger

    I would rather have seen improvements in the Extensions for Chrome and Firefox then bookmarklet.


  12. Wil Ransz

    Apparently they had to trade in shortcuts like Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 for all those new goodies. Or am I the only one? I am experiencing this with Dutch and international version.


  13. Chriss Benitez

    It´s amazing how WP releases updates so quickly, I think this one is quite good


  14. Elizabeth Cashour

    So with 4.2 the Soundcloud Shortcode plug-in no longer works — says it has fatal errors. Is anything being done to update the plug-in?


  15. Christee

    I notice 4.2 gives error 405 for xmlrpc.php now when I Xenu my sites. I found this ticket (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/20986), so it looks like it is an intentional change. Does anyone know if I should have a concern, or should I just add a Xenu exclusion?


  16. Rodrigo Ghedin

    They replaced link title on linking modal window. Now, instead we got linked text (the same that appears linked on editor). I wonder how this impacts SEO on links…


  17. Jack Martin Leith

    “They replaced link title on linking modal window.” This is very annoying as I use the title tag to let people know what will happen if they click on the link. Nothing to do with SEO. And trying to find the right bit of HTML to add title=”blah blah blah” can be very time consuming.


  18. Marjolein Van Pagee

    Just updated to 4.2.2. but now I can’t edit my posts anymore.
    If I select all I can see the texts still there but it seems the text color is white.
    The tools for text-editing are not there anymore.
    And it’s in text-mode, not in the visual-mode I usual work in.
    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


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