1. Henry Wright

    When you say ‘subtle’, perhaps you should say very ‘subtle’? I almost couldn’t tell the difference looking at the before and after colour swatches. But then, when looking at the before and after screenshots, the new version makes everything come together better and the page elements look so much more sharp.

    Great job!


  2. John Teague

    Sarah, I love reading your stuff. But, honestly, a full post on this? I know 4.2 is mostly a yawner, but you could have stepped it up on the interest level.

    Like maybe a piece on why innovation at WordPress core has lept to levels that leave many of us mesmerized by the unstoppable creativity being poured into maintaining the status quo. Now that really is awesome!


  3. Devin Walker

    Easiest. commit. ever.

    haha, jk – I tend to think it’ll be less “subtle” than most people think. Pretty insignificant though…


  4. Rick

    Run a diff against the codebase (not that I have or would or will) and then you can see what work has been done. Often releases of codebases with any software is not something with big gains readily visible to a user or event a software engineer. Sometimes its alterations or additions in code for any number of reasons, security increases, codebases that need be vamped out in production environments that are to be supporting code for future application infrastructure or any number of other reasons.

    I am sure with a product as mature as WP they dont just go, “Geee… lets make a primary release because we need make things look like we are”… Not at all, I am certain of it.

    But like I said, run a diff against the codebase and you will see it. Simple.


  5. Architect

    probably, one of the most useless improvements


  6. Brin Wilson

    “…probably, one of the most useless improvements”. You gotta see where this guy is coming from. It is a lovely improvement, but it is a little on the extremely subtle side. Lol


  7. Matt Miklic

    It’s alright if you don’t notice the change; we won’t mind. :) I’m thrilled to see these kind of small improvements to the admin’s visual design, because it’s a perfect example of the way WordPress itself has grown: rarely in big leaps, mostly in small, sometimes imperceptible changes. But when you take a longer view, it’s quite clear how the changes add up.

    Developers who create plugins or build sites for clients should especially take note of the new design handbook. WordPress is really advancing with regard to how seriously it takes its brand and its user interface, and plugins that don’t do the same are going to age rapidly in comparison.


  8. Chriss Benitez

    Maybe is a little change but, a good one, and every little change makes a bigger change right?

    I like your posts they are intersting, I read your Bio Sarah, are you really beer judger? That´s amazing!

    Cheer from a homebrewer : )


  9. Sanz

    Realize the subtle color changes too, guess most web designer and graphic designer can spot it right after the update, as the ‘black’ is now more ‘greyish’


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