1. Jos

    I think the lack of a featured image option is a major drawback, at least for me. Hope this will be added soon.


  2. Kent McDonald

    I agree. I use Press This regularly. I am on 2014 Theme which uses Featured Images. I always have to exit Press This before publishing to return and insert my featured image. Adding the Featured Image option would really make this marklet a winner. As it is the new interface won’t change daily life very much for me, but I am glad to see some forward movement here.


  3. Joseph

    I back featured image option.


  4. daretoeatapeach

    The auto upload of hotlinked images is terrific, but I’m so sick of this form over function trend. Are the paragraph alignment options so ugly and distracting they had to be removed? It’s not like the console of the Starship Enterprise; no one is going to be scared away by a proper set of menu buttons.


  5. Scott Hartley

    Another good point the bookmark let not supporting a featured image is a real drag. Because it breaks the flow of content. Instead of being able to publish something smoothly and without any interruptions we are forced to go back and add the one fundamental thing that has been in Word Press since the early days.


  6. Murray

    Finally after all these years of developing WordPress I now understand what PressThis is used for. The name or description isn’t intuitive. How about PublishThis?


  7. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    I am surprised that someone use this. Now I know for who it is in WordPress. For these few people here in comments ;)
    It can be interesting to see some stats of using this small thing.


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