Matt Talks Ning, Foundation, And PressThis

Fresh out of WordCamp San Francisco, Mashable has published an interview they conducted with Matt Mullenweg. Within this interview, Matt talks about the demise of Ning and how BuddyPress is a nice alternative, the WordPress foundation, and how the PressThis bookmarklet will eventually compete with the one Tumblr has. Matt recognizes that there is still some friction between using PressThis and publishing content. Tumblr has mastered this technique and is one of the trademark features of the publishing service. Ever since I’ve stopped using Tumblr, I’ve hoped for the PressThis bookmarklet to mimic the way Tumblr does it. It’s still not there yet. Any idea on how the publishing process from PressThis could be smoother?

Also feel free to play the game of guessing the company that Automattic will acquire next.


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