WordCamp Norway Participants Tell Us Why They Love WordPress

Pretty cool video from WordCamp Norway 2012 where participants answered the simple question of why they love WordPress. The video features some familiar faces such as Ronald Huereca, Ryan Hellyer, Magnus Jepson, Isaac Keyet, and Scott Basgaard. Scott looks like a giant when standing next to Ryan Hellyer.


2 responses to “WordCamp Norway Participants Tell Us Why They Love WordPress”

  1. WordPress and community,

    Don’t love you because you understand, dear
    Every stupid thing I try to do
    But you’re always there to provide a helpful page, dear
    I love you most of all because you’re you

    No matter what may be the style or kick-ins
    I know your themes will always see me through
    I love you for a hundred thousand plugins
    But most of all I love you ‘cause you’re you

    (modified freely, after L. Payne)

    From an enthusiastic participant at two WordCamps so far, first in SF 2011, then in Oslo 2012. The venue was Hotel Opera, with a view to the famous Oslo Opera House. A great success, thanks to Scott and sponsors.


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