WooThemes Replaces Theme Club With All Themes Package

woothemes logoWooThemes has announced they will no longer be offering subscriptions to their theme club, a concept they helped pioneer in 2008. With a monthly subscription, buyers would gain access to all available themes as well as themes released during their subscription period.

The theme club has been replaced by a new package called ATP or All Themes Package. For a yearly fee, buyers gain access to the entire WooThemes catalog. Some of their customers are upset because the monthly cost was easier to handle than a lump sum every year. However, WooThemes has grandfathered theme club subscribers into the new package and has given them one free year of access. They’ll also save money in the long run since the yearly fee is cheaper than the original 12 month plan.

All Themes Package Normal Price
All Themes Package Normal Price

Those who are grandfathered into the new package won’t have to pay the full price of $399 to renew their account. Since WooThemes offers renewals at 50% of their normal price, grandfathered users will only have to pay $200 to renew. In summary, this is an excellent turn of events for previous theme club members.

Compared to the major price change debacle to Woo Commerce last year, this has been easier for customers to support. WooThemes clearly communicated the changes without putting the blame on their customers.

If you’re a WooThemes club member, let us know what you think in the comments.

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