1. R.Bhavesh

    From all the interviews I have read of Adii, this one is the best so far and really proving to be informative and useful. Interviewing someone is tricky and you have done good job with this one.

    While developing paid themes for average user, I completely agree with adii’s view on “Action Hooks in WP themes”



  2. Adii

    @R.Bhavesh – Yeah, Jeffro definitely did a top-notch job with the questions! :)


  3. Kevin Gilbert

    Yeah, good stuff. We love the Woo crew and we dig the Tavern, here. Thanks for the interview.


  4. Marcus Neto

    Isn’t it funny that while Adii and the Woothemes clan started by emulating Rocket Themes (arguably the most popular Joomla Template site) that they are now being emulated? I give them a lot of credit for things done right. We are certainly watching. I think their designs are superb and the business model is something that we are working towards.

    Oh.. and ExpressionEngine is spelled without a space. Common mistake but I am sure they would love it if you fix that.


  5. Jeffro

    @R.Bhavesh – Thanks although I can’t take credit for all of the questions considering just about half of the interview consists of them. But I think we all learned a thing or two in this interview which is what I strive for when I conduct them.

    @Kevin Gilbert – I see you’re already sporting the AntiSocial theme. How has that worked out for you?

    @Marcus Neto – Yeah. If there is a business model that works, no sense in reinventing the wheel. Just use the formula but put a unique spin on it.

    I’ve fixed the ExpressionEngine space.


  6. Kevin Gilbert

    @Jeffro – I like it. I had seen the preview a while back and I really liked it then. I pretty much had it in mind that I would use that for my personal blog site. Their framework is great! It’s the little things, the attention to details, that really make them stand out from everybody else. I’m still learning all that it can do and working on a few minor mods to make it my own.


  7. Leslie Nicole

    Great interview.

    I can attest to Adii’s statement about the average Woo user as I’m one. I spent 2 solid weeks researching and trying different themes before I settled on Woo and couldn’t be happier. I had tried using the framework with child themes route before and while I think that route is awesome if you have the time and skills, after nearly pulling my hair out over simple .php changes I realized that I just didn’t have the coding skills or time to learn them.

    I came to the conclusion that it’s best for me to choose a company offering well-designed themes with excellent support. WooThemes fits that perfectly. It’s not too hard to learn enough CSS to change small things to customize the themes, especially with the support forums.

    The community that Woo builds is really quite awesome. From using Twitter to blog posts and showdowns, they develop a relationship with their users and they listen!


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  9. Joe Botha

    Great questions, great answers, great themes – sounds like we all win with this one ;-)


  10. Rockstar - Adii Pienaar's original personal blog theme, now free! - Free Wordpress Themes | Theme Digital

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  11. Nick Soper

    Ultimately it is our marketing that sets us apart from anyone within the industry […] I truly believe that the WooThemes marketing machine runs on a different playing field.

    Statements like these would normally make me stop reading the article, close the magazine or browser window, and normally leads to a completely non-rational dislike for the person in question.

    However, having seen Adii go from a (well renowned) WordPress theme developer, to WooTeam front man, and the sheer effort that goes with that, I have to completely agree with him.

    I can’t keep up reading all of Adii’s twitters, blog posts, vimeo’s, mailers (And the things I am missing). Then any time I go to a site vaguely about WordPress Themes, I see a WooThemes banner there.

    I think Adii’s online marketting prowess is operating on a different playing field. I just hope he finds some time to sleep.


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