WooCommerce 4.3 to Introduce New Home Screen

As the pandemic and lockdown measures have caused major shifts in consumer behavior, accelerating the trend towards e-commerce, many WooCommerce-powered stores have seen a significant boost in sales. Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have strained to meet the increase in consumer demand, creating an unprecedented opportunity for independent stores.

According to the latest ACI Worldwide report, e-commerce sales are up 81% year over year in May 2020. Transactional volume has also increased 23 percent compared to May 2019. Despite the pandemic’s devastating blow to the hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries, merchants selling products catering to the homebound population are doing more business than ever. This prompted the WooCommerce team to begin publishing tips and resources for store owners who are managing a sudden surge in sales.

The WooCommerce core development team is also keeping pace with new features that help administrators see store activity at a glance. Version 4.3, expected to be released July 7, will include a new home screen, featuring an inbox, quick access to store management links, and an overview of stats on sales, orders, and visitors.

WooCommerce plans to enhance the new Home screen with the ability to complete basics tasks, such as fulfilling orders or tweaking settings without having to leave the screen. As WooCommerce is a complex plugin with menus that drill down several levels deep, this screen will become the store owner’s command center by simplifying access to important stats and commonly performed actions. It will set as the default screen for new stores when version 4.3 of the plugin is released.

The new Home screen will not be turned on by default for existing store owners. They will need to enable it under the Advanced > Features setting in the plugin.

WooCommerce received positive feedback after sharing a preview of the new Home screen last week. A few users requested that it integrate with third party plugins, such as Woo Bookings, and provide better support for stores primarily selling digital products. If WooCommerce makes it easy to extend, plugin authors can make the screen more useful to a diverse range of stores. Users are encouraged to submit their ideas for core improvements on the WooCommerce Ideas Board.


4 responses to “WooCommerce 4.3 to Introduce New Home Screen”

  1. This will be a great feature I guess. But they’ll need to work on perfect integration with other plugins and themes.
    Had some few integration problems.

  2. Would be great to read an article about how we can use gutenberg on WooCommerce sites.

    Digged up the whole internet but all the info i can find is nothing but garbage like:
    Dev team XY has a new plugin called Z that works with WooCommerce and GB. Digging deeper it always comes out that these plugins do not enable us to record new products with the block editor as the WC team still decided to opt out of the Gutenberg editor by default. So literally we should try a plugin on a webshop (maintained to generate money) that brings us to the bleeding-edge and to the risk of breaking anything, any time. This does not sound welcoming for me…

    Some blocks come with core WC, other blocks come with WooCommerce Blocks by automattic (not to mention other dev’s WC-related plugin bloat) that end up forcing us using a mix of the old way of recording product data and then forcing us manually create pages for specific products or product categories… which is simply a non-sense if you have more than a bunch of products.

    So how and when should GB work on a real WC site that keeps add new products? I mean in reality and not just in some designers fantasy?

  3. Installed a clean WP.5.5 + WC 4.3.2 on localhost and imported the sample data.
    “Designed” a new post that consist of 2 columns. In the first column i placed some product filter blocks while in the right column i placed the “all products” block.
    Everything looks nice until i click any product on that page. By doing so i immediately lose the 2 columns layout as the system falls back to the woocommerce template php files… Same is true for category pages.

    Well…for me it does not make sense that i can design the looks of 1 single post/page how that should look like but by clicking on anything on that handycrafted page/post i just lose the general design. Is there a way to inject block code into the woocommerce template files? That way automatically generated woocommerce pages could remain consistent with posts/pages that have been handycrafted and render products.


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