1. Bud Kraus

    One of the best WP Tavern articles I have ever read. Thank you Sarah. I just forwarded this to my wife who works for a large children’s clothing company in NYC who has 1 customer – Walmart.


  2. Brian Gardner

    I want to echo Bud’s comment about this being an excellent article. While I understand the Tavern started out (and has tenured itself) as WP news, I appreciate the—what feels like op-ed—approach to publishing here. Lately, the content has been much more thought provoking (for me, at least) and has given me a lot to think about as an entrepreneur in general, not just with WordPress specifically.


  3. Martin

    The current shift of customer behaviour from offline to online is unprecedented. And for sure a huge opportunity for small to medium sized businesses who haven’t yet fully transformed their business model to online. While ad-hoc measures will help many businesses to survive and find new business models short-term, I think it is worthwhile to point out that business owners need to start thinking about an ecommerce strategy that is fundamental to a business’ success in the mid- and long-term as early as possible. Exciting times in any case!


  4. Alan

    So here’s my dilemma as I ponder this article with a nervous stomach of possibilities: do I has a designer-developer of websites for others create a package to get existing and wanna-be retailers online, or do I dive in and create an online shop and sell product myself? Obviously the ‘package’ idea is a product, but e-commerce websites are not as easy and as trouble free as buying and re-selling a physical product (arguably).


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